The Women’s Business Network sponsors three annual scholarships for female students in recognition of scholastic and leadership achievements.

The Scholarship Fund is divided into three categories:

  1. A scholarship for entry level applicants for the Masters of Business Administration program for the University of Ottawa.
  2. A scholarship for a third or fourth year student in a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Carleton University.
  3. A scholarship for an applicant of the graduating year of a two-year business program at Algonquin College.

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The Scholarship Recipients

2019     University of Ottawa: Colette Ruth Pépin                               
Algonquin College:  Patricia Gross       
Carleton University:  Victoria Farrell
2018         University of Ottawa: Darshdeep Kaur Dhillon                                  
Algonquin College: Epiphania Kwari        
Carleton University: Chanel Brem
2017      University of Ottawa: Jillian Cheeseman                                  
Algonquin College: Caroline Rozon             
Carleton University: Charlee Grace
2016     University of Ottawa: Anali Stewart                                        
Algonquin College: Jessica Bebee               
Carleton University: Moriah Wood 
2015  University of Ottawa: Mariam Iqbal
Algonquin College: Sabrina Borsellino                 
Carleton University: Abigail Hoekstra  
2014 University of Ottawa:  Schlomit Jacobson
Algonquin College:  Annick Desrosier                  
Carleton University:  Rebecca D’Angelo
2013 University of Ottawa: Angela Valdes Loyola
Algonquin College: Charlene Mitchell
Carleton University: Katelyn Woods
2012 University of Ottawa: Arpana Singh
Algonquin College: Victoria Mercedes Freeborn
Carleton University: Xenia Nei
2011 University of Ottawa: Natalie Cleroux
Algonquin College: Nancy Ferguson
Carleton University: Victoria Grace Ramos
2010 University of Ottawa: Rebekah Matthews
Algonquin College: Alanna Broere
Carleton University: Alicia Desrosiers
2009 University of Ottawa: Lydia Di Francesco
Algonquin College: Norah Seed
Carleton University: Lu Yang
2008 University of Ottawa: Freda Ginsberg
Algonquin College: Guije Ge
Carleton University: Meaghan Campbell
2007 University of Ottawa: Jennifer Davis
Algonquin College: Dina Aitbaeva
Carleton University: Margaret Bailey
2006 University of Ottawa: Louise Legault
Algonquin College: Michelle Ticknor
Carleton University: Maria Sturova