It’s no secret that Healthy Women are at the heart of building strong families and strong communities. We also know that often times; women put their own health at the very bottom of their seemingly endless list of other priorities. These women, if they get sick, can soon find their world falling to pieces.

It’s time for a reality check.

Join us in the grassroots movement, “Healthy Women, Healthy Community!” We need your help to raise $20 million to ensure that all women in our community – including you and the women in your life that you love – have the very best possible health care, right here at home.

This made-in-Ottawa initiative is supporting some of the excellent work being done at The Ottawa Hospital in the area of women’s health: building a brand new breast health centre, expanding a minimally invasive gynecological program, advancing robotic surgeries for women and conducting research into certain cancers and other conditions affecting women.

Make a donation to Healthy Women, Healthy Community.

Think about it. You need to be at the top of your priority list, so you are able to continue doing all of the amazing things you do – day in and day out – for your family, friends and community. Please consider making a donation to Healthy Women, Healthy Community. Do it for your mom, your sister, your daughter, your friend, your colleague and…for you!

Each of these women below came to The Ottawa Hospital in search of answers and care for a devastating health care challenge and they got the help they needed because The Ottawa Hospital and the WBN have made women’s health one of their top priorities.  These stories are wonderful examples of what is possible when women support women’s health. #SupportTOH


Shelby Hayter – Parkinson’s disease

“Before Parkinson’s disease, I was among the life of the party.”

After deep brain stimulation surgery at The Ottawa Hospital, Shelby is feeling like herself again. Read her story here.



Cathy Champman – Breast Cancer

When chemotherapy didn’t work for Cathy Chapman, a cancer drug trial gave her new hope. Read her story here.




Anne Scott – Autoimmune condition called myasthenia gravis

A stem cell transplant at The Ottawa Hospital saved Anne Scott’s life. Read her story here. View the Anne Scott Story, “How stem cell treatments are changing lives can be” here.