Recently, I joined a networking group whose primary objective is to grow the members’ businesses. After the first meeting, I connected with each member on LinkedIn as is my habit after I first meet someone.

Later, I reached out using LinkedIn to ask one of them a question related to his business.

No response.

At our next meeting, I asked him if he had received my question on LinkedIn and his answer shocked me “Oh no, I never look at that.”  True story!

I was curious.  Why do people use other social media platforms and not LinkedIn?  So as I often do, I asked myself some questions to figure out why I use it.

Why use LinkedIn?

This is what I asked myself:

  • Do I want to grow my business?
  • Do I want others to know about my business?
  • Do I want them to know how to contact me?
  • Do I want them to do business with me?

If you answered yes to any of these questions as I did, then you need to start using LinkedIn.

I don’t care what kind of business you are in.  It’s an effective way to build relationships with potential clients (and those who may introduce you to your next client).

In my opinion, using LinkedIn is a viable way to grow your business.  It’s a safe environment.  It’s a professional environment to showcase your offerings; learn about other businesses and their offerings; share your professional guidance; meet new clients.

The first step is to view invitations as a form of connection. … (of course, if it appears to be a stalker then don’t connect).

You need to treat an invitation to connect like a virtual handshake. What do you do when someone extends their hand to you at a networking event?

That’s right – you extend your hand back and introduce yourself. And shazam! You’ve just met another contact who you can connect with and another marketing ambassador for your business.

“But I use Facebook”

As a coach, when I ask my business clients if they use LinkedIn, this is the response I receive: “I use Facebook.”  My response… “That’s fantastic and you need to use LinkedIn.”

Why choose to limit yourself and limit your business? Yes, the audiences may be different, yet there is no rule that you can’t use both so why not use both?

Tips for Growing your business using LinkedIn

For those of you reading this that already have a profile – that’s great news.  Now, here are some tips for you:

  1. Take some time to review your profile to ensure it’s up to date.
  2. Schedule a few minutes a day to engage in conversation with your connections by sharing content, articles or opinions and/or commenting on what others have posted.  This is a powerful way to add value to the conversation.  Don’t be a wallflower!
  3. And, please, check your messages as someone wanting your services may be communicating with you and you won’t know it.

In the last year, I have attracted two clients by engaging with them on LinkedIn and have met some great business contacts who now know about my business, why I am passionate about it and who my preferred clients are. Now they can market me to others!

Is that something you might be interested in?  Word of mouth marketing. Getting introduced to your ideal client by someone?    So, if little old me can do it…what is stopping you?   What are you resisting?

I look forward to your invitation to connect on LinkedIn!