When you first became an entrepreneur, you were following your passion and discovering how
you could make an impact on the world. In a very short time, it probably became clear that being
a small business owner came with many more roles than you expected. For many
entrepreneurs, the most dreaded of these roles is “salesperson”. Sales and selling, for many
people feel almost like dirty words…but they don’t have to be. It is possible to sell authentically
and connect with your customers in a genuine way.

The first thing you can do to shift that mindset is to start from a place of connection. A
connection with yourself and the passion that started this crazy entrepreneurial journey in the
first place. If you are just starting, remember to give that connection a place of honour. If you
have been in this world for awhile now, it’s time to revisit what brought you here in the first
Another connection to look at is the connection with the people you love to work with. I mean
the ones that really fill your cup, both financially and emotionally. These clients and
collaborators are the nectar for your soul and connecting with them is incredibly important to the
success of your business.

The second thing you can do to shift your sales mindset, it to replace the word selling and sales
with the word VALUE.

I like to look at three levels of value:
1. How can you provide value to your clients
This value stems from your passion. If you didn’t believe that you were providing a service that
was truly beneficial to your customers, then you wouldn’t have taken the leap into the uncertain
world of small business. Selling authentically means that you believe to your very core that you
can give people something they need in their lives.
2. What is the value of what you offer, monetarily speaking
Looking at the service you provide, how it benefits your customers and what others in your
market are charging is all part of the process. Sometimes, we skip the first step and dive right
into the money aspect. If you are already uncomfortable selling, then this is not a great place to
begin. Your mind starts to play tricks on you and many people (especially women
entrepreneurs) end up undercharging. When you sit in your value before you examine the
numbers, you will feel more confident when you reach a point of sale and you can look your
prospect right in the eye and say, “The cost is ____”. If you are not confident in the value, how
can your customer feel confident in the cost?
3. Don’t forget the value of relationships

So many times, people are looking for the new client and the next sale. Never forget that the
most valuable client is the one you already have. By valuing them, you form relationships that
will help your business grow and reach new heights. Talk with the clients you love to work with,
find out what they love most about working with you. If you integrate what they have to say into
your messaging, you will attract those same types of people. These are the clients who will see
the value of your service and be more willing to pay the monetary value you’ve come to. Ask
them if they have people in their lives that might also enjoy working with you. A single, personal
referral is more effective than any other type of marketing out there and the rate of closing the
sale is much higher.


When you are communicating the right message to the right people, selling become so easy it
rarely feels like selling anymore. Your ability to convey your value confidently attracts the right
clients to your door and appreciating those clients inspires them to send more, like-minded
prospects your way.

Women entrepreneurs tend to have a more difficult time believing in their value and say things
like, “I would do this for free so I don’t feel comfortable charging so much.” Our minds can be
tricky things and that statement often boils down to feeling like you don’t deserve that much
money for one reason or another. If you leave this post with nothing else, remember that your
services have value. YOU have value. THE SURVIVAL OF YOUR BUSINESS IS IMPORTANT.
No one benefits if you are struggling in your business, not even your clients who are paying less
for your services. Make a commitment in 2019 to come from a place of connection and sit in
your true value!

Jennifer Walker

Small Business Consultant

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