Have you ever felt done for the day but you still had to push on and produce your great work and ideas?

That situation happened to me a few weeks ago at my Productivity Ninja training session.

It was close to the end of a long day and we were all feeling the effects of the warm room and full brains. It was only 3:00 pm and we still had another 2 hours to go.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through. All I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and do something mindless.

And then a miracle happened.

The presenter made us all get up and move to another area of the room. He asked us to stand for the next part of the training.

Ugh. I felt so tired and now I had to stand? Really? Was this a good idea?

Then it started to happen.  At first it was a slow trickle … barely noticeable. But then it gushed. It was my mojo returning. I sensed ideas brimming. I participated fully in the discussion.

My brain absorbed all the great information. It was amazing!

It took movement to create momentum.

This month give your work mojo a boost by trying one of these shortcuts:

  • Move to a new location (coffee shop, boardroom, a colleague’s desk.)
  • Stand up while you work.
  • Open the window and let in some fresh air.
  • Put on some music.
  • Change the font you’re using on your document while you write and then change it back when you’re done.
  • Expand the view of your document to fill the computer screen.

When you’re done for the day, give yourself a jolt and create the change you need to keep going.


Valeri Hall Little is chief business efficiency designer at intandem. She is also publisher of Beyond Burnout magazine. Applying her Keep It Simple System, she helps overwhelmed and overstretched entrepreneurs create organized, streamlined and efficient businesses. You can sign up for her free digital magazine and newsletter at www.intandem.ca.