When you define your target audience, what information are you including?


Most will answer with a traditional age, gender, geographic location. Sometimes there is more depth targeting like “income”, “has children”, “married” or “professional”. The next time that you sit down and review your target audience, I implore you to dig a little deeper. For example, one of the things that really lights me up is working with someone who wants to add an element of social good into their business. I do it as much as possible in my business, so working with like-minded entrepreneurs really fills up my cup!


Last year, around this time, I was the Spotlight Speaker at the Women’s Business Network – Breakfast Mix and Mingle. I am a Small Business Consultant and Social Media Coach for service-based entrepreneurs and I spoke on the subject of Authentic Selling and Value.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of women business owners who get an icky feeling when you bring up the idea of sales. Part of my mandate is to remove that mindset, as it is a dangerous one, holding many women entrepreneurs back. After I spoke, I was asked to write a blog for the WBN on the very subject, basically summarizing the 10-minute talk I had just given. Little did I know, in writing that short blog, I was creating exactly what I was preaching.


Shortly after the blog detailing the importance of connection and spelling out the formula, “AUTHENTIC SELLING = EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION + GENUINE CONNECTION”, I was contacted by Brenda Tirrell. 


Brenda is the race director for 9runrun, a race to support the mental health of first responders in the Ottawa area. The race was going in to its 10th year and Brenda wanted some direction in how to make it more successful than it had been in previous years. You see, her daughter had found my blog a mere two weeks after it was posted and showed it to her, believing it would resonate with her. Long story short, it did!


Brenda has been my client over the past year and we have had some incredible milestones together!


  • The formation and organization of a complete charitable board.
  • The launch of her charity Ottawa First Responders Foundation, to the tune of $34,000 on the launch day.
  • The biggest amount raised for the annual 9runrun race in its ten-year history! (To view my LIVE video at this year’s event click here.)
  • She also came to have sessions at my house during the time when I broke my leg in the spring, for which I will forever be grateful. 


Brenda is the epitome of what I wrote in my blog. She is not a number in my financial spreadsheet, she is a relationship I am ecstatic to have in my business and my life. 


As you move forward in 2020, do so with VISION, remembering that your business is more than just numbers. When you define your target audience as a gender, age and geographical location, you are missing some BIG DETAILS. Who are the people you would simply love to work with? 

  • Create services to provide value for them. 
  • Write your marketing and social content for them. 
  • Tell others you are looking for them. 


As I said in that first blog, you have VALUE to offer and the survival of your business is important. 


Have an incredible 2020!


Jennifer Walker

Small Business Consultant


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