or your colours
or your “mood board”
or for that matter, any of the visuals that make up your brand image.
I visited a Facebook group yesterday where the big question of the day revolved around the members’ brands. One woman wrote: “my brand revolves around mermaids and the sea. So teal is really important to my brand.” 
Ummm…..what??? I had a really hard time with that. I find it difficult to understand how focusing on mermaids helps her clients. Or how having everything a specific shade of teal benefits her clients. The way I see it, the mermaids and the sea just weren’t that important to the business, but what do I know?
Your brand is so much more than that. Think of your brand as the “big picture”:
• What is your business mission?
• What is the goal of your business?
• How do you serve others?
I think part of the problem is that people get stuck on details like the colours, the fonts, or the photos from the start. They immediately go to those details, but skip the important first step:
“What does my business actually accomplish, and who do I help?”
Once you have the answer, everything else should flow from that. Once you know who you help (your target market) it will be much easier to figure out the images, colours and types of logos that will resonate with that audience.
If you’ve been thinking that colours and specific photos are the things that make up your “brand” I challenge you to think bigger. 
• Think about the contribution your business makes to your clients’ lives.
• Think about how your service has made them more productive, more effective.
• Think about how your products have brought peace of mind into their lives.
Then it will become obvious that your “mood board” or those cute images of peonies and gold scissors artfully arrayed aren’t that important.
Think about your “big picture.” 
Your brand is the personality of your business. It’s the soul of your business. It’s the thing you do that makes others lives easier or better. It’s the way people feel about your business. It’s the emotional connection made after they do business with you.
When it comes to your brand, please don’t sell your business short. Yes, your logo is important. Yes, your brand image is a key first point of contact with your brand. Yes, your colours define your identity. But keep in mind that those are the surface things, the things that help identify you. They are not what really makes your business tick. Picking one “off-brand” image for your blog will not damage your brand.
Is any of this making sense? Or is it all just confusing you more? Don’t worry. I’ll be happy to sit with you and chat about your brand. I’m an email away.