Finding the right logo for your business is like finding the perfect dress for a special occasion – you know it’s out there. There’s the perfect combination of the right colour, the right fit and the right price. You’ve browsed a few shops and you have some ideas about what that perfect dress will be. Now you need to find it, but it won’t just come off a rack. Like the perfect dress, a brand requires consultation and tailoring.

A powerful logo is a visual enticement, an opening, a signal. Like a stunning dress, it makes people notice you, want to talk to you. Once the conversation starts, your brand’s value proposition comes into play. Your logo is the dress; your brand is your business’ personality.

If you are a new business, you need to research existing brands in the same business space. You also need to understand who your current or target audience is, and you need to know who your stakeholders are. If you are looking to change your current mark or brand, you’ll need to see how the public perceives you currently and what advantages and disadvantage your current brand has. Another consideration is how your target audience, your stakeholders and the public at large will become aware of your new brand.

You should develop several different branding concepts and feel them out. Consider the different environments your mark will be present in and how it will be received. Does it work as a large sign? Does it work on a small button? You should also ask yourself more subjective questions around what different design elements make you feel, what concepts they invoke and what assumptions they create about an organization.

Once you have some strong candidates for your new mark, it’s up to you to develop a process for deciding on the winner. At the end of the project you should have a mark that stands out, turns heads and starts conversation, just like the perfect dress. Remember, in the business world as on the red carpet, you only get one chance to make a stunning first impression.

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