In case the Businesswoman of the Year Awards hasn’t been talked about enough, I wanted to give my two cents. I was lucky to attend the event this past Thursday, April 24, and it was a wonderful event, from beginning to end.

The BYA Gala is a once-a-year opportunity to get dressed up to the nines, socialize with colleagues we may not see often, and of course, celebrate the very best of Ottawa’s businesswomen. This year, Derick Fage (Rogers TV) and Mayor Jim Watson both said similar things that stood out for me. Both gentlemen made a point of acknowledging and thanking ALL the volunteers that made the event possible.

WBN is a volunteer-run organization; today I would like to specifically single out Lesley Lang and the BYA Gala Committee. Lesley is the Chair of this year’s BYA Gala Committee, her first year chairing this prestigious (and mammoth) event. I’ve been on a committee with Lesley before, so I know firsthand her commitment and dedication once she signs up.

This year’s committee members are

  • Sharon Boothroyd
  • Mary Breton
  • Bev Carroll
  • Nicole Fournier
  • Liz Jones
  • Heather MacLachlan
  • Cara Strong
  • Pelly Deighton
  • Marie Fraser

Let’s all send some appreciation their way! The BYA Gala is such a complex, involved affair that I can only imagine how much work was involved in making this great evening happen. Ladies, you put in long hours, and the result was a wonderful evening which brought together members and guests alike to celebrate the accomplishments of nine special women. Thank you for all your hard work in creating a special evening.