Canada’s food guide has undergone a complete revision and instead of focusing on food groups
and portion size, new recommendations encourage us to choose fresh, healthy ingredients and
spend more time preparing meals at home and eating together.

One of the biggest changes is that proportionHealthy foods
is emphasized over portion size. As illustrated
by Canada’s food guide cover—fruits and
vegetables should constitute half of your
meal, while whole grains and proteins equally
account for the other half.
There’s also an emphasis on eating healthy
foods. This includes choosing healthy fats
over saturated fats and limiting processed
food that’s loaded with sodium and sugar.

An interesting aspect of the new food guide is its recommendations on eating together. A whole
section is devoted to outlining the benefits of sharing a meal with friends, co-workers and family.
As the guide notes, there’s an especially important reason why parents should make time to eat
with their children as it can allow kids to establish healthy eating routines, explore new foods
and improve their overall relationship with food.

SupperWorks and Canada’s Food Guide
We’re happy to see the new recommendations from the government as we’ve been advocating
healthy meals since our inception in 2005. SupperWorks was created to allow families to enjoy
nutritious meals together—without the hassle of ingredient prep.
Every month, we offer a rotating menu of main dishes that incorporate seasonal and local
ingredients. We test recipes to ensure they appeal to a wide range of tastes and always ensure
that cooking meals are simple and straightforward—allowing our customers to spend more time
eating together and less time cooking.
If you haven’t tried your local SupperWorks, let us show you how easy it is to eat healthy,
nutritious meals with your family.

With SupperWorks, you can prepare quick and easy dinners in a fraction of the time it would
take at home—with less food waste. With SupperWorks as your sous-chef, you can have the
benefits of a meal-prepped dinner without any of the hassles.

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Alison Kelly-Quesnel