Picture this: You see a logo that

  • is fairly cluttered
  • uses a lot of colours
  • uses a variety of fonts
  • looks old-fashioned. ‘cartoon-y’
  • looks homemade, or like a ten year old drew it

Chances are, that logo won’t make a favourable impression on YOU as a potential customer. I am a graphic designer and I’ve been designing for over ten years. If you are a business professional, I care about your logo…I care a great deal! But why?


For most of us, our first point of contact with a business is their logo. And a poor logo may send the wrong message about a business:

  • ‘they don’t seem very professional’
  • ‘is this just a ‘mom & pop’ shop?’
  • ‘the business might be struggling’
  • ‘is it a REAL business?’
  • ‘what if they take my money and run?’

In this day & age, FIRST IMPRESSIONS still do matter, and they matter a lot. Everyone says ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.’ But we all do. I believe some businesses are held back by the way they present themselves to the buying public. They may be extremely good at what they do: they may deliver wonderful customer service; they may have a great product; but the way they present their business to the world doesn’t reflect that. And when a potential client/customer sees a ‘face’ that’s less than professional, that one single impression may mean a lost client.

These first impressions, thoughts and judgements are all happening in the back of our minds, without us being aware that we are making them. But as business owners, we have to be aware of the impressions we are making, and how people are judging us. Yes, it’s true: a great brand image doesn’t mean it’s a great business. But in order to attract customers and build credibility, we have to paint ourselves in the best possible light. We have to give the buying public those subconcious reasons to ‘do business with us’. As business owners, it’s our job to show that we are competent, we are serious, we have invested in our businesses so we can be trusted to treat our clients well.

And that’s why I care about your logo. Because that one single item, that one single interaction can create the wrong impression, which may cost you some new business. My job is to fix those awful logos mentioned above, or create better ones. I help small business owners create the professional face of their business. If you are concerned that your business isn’t the ‘whole package’ please contact me. I would be happy to chat about how to make your logo-and your brand image-shine.

Loreto Cheyne