‘Smart’ doesn’t fit into any one box. It has graduations, types, tendencies, degrees . . . it’s a concept that can be measured, but if that’s all you do, you’re missing a big piece of the picture. As we cross over into our next theme of Logical Smart, we want to challenge the conventional perspective of Smart. Howard Gardner identified multiple intelligences:

Musical-rhythmic and Harmonic Smart: sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones, and music.

Visual-spatial Smart: and the ability to visualize with the mind’s eye.

Verbal-linguistic Smart: facility with words and languages.

Logical-mathematical Smart: abstractions, reasoning, numbers and critical thinking.

Bodily-kinesthetic Smart: control of one’s bodily motions and the capacity to handle objects skillfully that includes a sense of timing.

Personal Smart: interaction with others.

Intrapersonal Smart: introspective and self-reflective capacities.

Naturalistic Smart: connected to one’s natural surroundings.

Existential or Spiritual Smart: Gardner suggested that an ‘existential’ intelligence may exist. Some proponents [such as Sister Leadership] of multiple intelligence theory proposed spiritual intelligence as a possible additional type. According to Howard Gardner (1999: 59) there are problems, for example, around the ‘content’ of spiritual intelligence, its privileged but unsubstantiated claims with regard to truth value, ‘and the need for it to be partially identified through its effect on other people’ [which is exactly what we are doing on Sister Leadership as we talk with women leaders across various fields, and look into those questions of SQ]

(Reference Wikipedia)

But how do they intermingle? Even more interestingly, how does that most taboo type of Smart intermingle within a professional world that hasn’t allowed room for spirituality to enter the discussion?

I’m talking about intuition, heart, Spirit, bigger picture, spontaneity, compassion, standing up for what’s right, being in the flow, heightened consciousness, virtuosity, chakras & energy . . . ideas that are not yet common language in the workplace.

We are conducting an experiment that will fulfill Gardner’s requirement of showing the impact of SQ/Spirit Smart. One by one, we’ll be interviewing extraordinary women who embrace their multiple intelligences. In doing so, we’re going to be carrying that lens of spirituality across our conversations, and observing how these ladies integrate that sense of spirituality into their workplace. Do they find balance? Do they learn to go with the flow? Do they have a sense of humility, vocation, wholeness, innovation? How do they stay in the moment and reach a heightened state of consciousness?

This is an experiment. Truly, anything could happen. Sister Leadership is here to record the substantive claims of spirituality.

But one thing I strongly suspect: as we open the door for more discussion around this subject, we’ll see how women are tapping into something bigger and tapping a hyperperformance (We’ve invented hyperperformace for this series and beyond. Hyperperformance is to be open and curious, to see things you never saw before due that that awareness). After all, awareness creates choice, and Spiritual Leadership is a very big & important type of awareness.

We are about to dive into our next theme on Sister Leadership with Logical Smart. This is an official call out to the women leaders and up & comers who have some connection to Logical Smart. Get in touch with us via email at Camille@SisterLeadership.com, or leave a comment in the box below.

Logical Smart: Logical women conceptualize numbers, relationships and patterns. How do we conceptualize spirituality with our rational minds and flow with our spiritual beings?

Know someone who is Logical Smart? Let her and us know, because we’d love to get in touch and have an exchange. Together we’re changing the language and the conversation around leadership. Please do put yourself or someone you know forward for this to continue.

And in the meanwhile, check out this great video from the BBC that features multiple intelligences and Gardner himself. It’s fascinating to watch, in that the fellow with the highest IQ does not become the very top performer in the tests. Instead, it’s a women shows up best across the multiple intelligences. Going to show that while Logic Smart is important, it’s not the full story.

Till next week,