Do you have questions about the upcoming Businesswoman of the Year Awards-and nominating?
Here’s your guide to the nominations process for the Businesswoman of the Year Gala – April 23rd, 2015 – Inspired Success!

When do nominations open and close?
The nominations site is live on October 1st. Nominations close at 4pm on Nov. 7th, 2014.

Do I have to KNOW the person to nominate them?
Well, yes – sort of. You need to know the following details about them in order to submit the nomination: First Name, Last name, Contact Phone and Email, Organization, and Position.

What about nominating deserving women that are NOT currently WBN members?
We accept nominations for within AND from outside the WBN network. We want to celebrate Ottawa’s community of inspiring and successful businesswomen. All women are welcome.

Are men allowed to nominate other women?
Of course! We are looking for the very best candidates for the WBN award.

Can you explain the steps that happen once I nominate the person? How will they hear about it?
Your nominee will receive an email from WBN. She will be asked to accept or decline the nomination.

Upon acceptance of the nomination, your nominee will immediately be sent a questionnaire requesting a summary of their achievements in the following categories: proven business acumen, outstanding leadership skills, notable achievements in her area of expertise, and community engagement.

Your nominee will fill out the questionnaire (she has until November 7th to complete) and return via email to the WBN.

Can I nominate more than one deserving woman from my life?
Yes! The more nominees the better.

I’m not exactly sure which category – Professional, Entrepreneur or Company – I should nominate the person for. What do I do?
Go ahead and select the category you think best suits the nominee. Your nominee will have the opportunity to change the category selection when she completes the next phase of the process.

I still have some questions. Can I talk to someone about the nominations process?
Send us an email at and we’ll be in touch.