“Find your dolphins” was the once piece of advice that seemed to resonate with everyone at our table. This was a metaphor used by Lisa Larter. She explained that in business, some people are sharks, and others are dolphins.

“Sharks” see everyone as competition and they go for the kill. “Dolphins,” on the other hand, travel in a pod. They find people they can collaborate with, and they work with others.

On Saturday, October 3, WBN was invited to attend Lisa Larter’s Money Mindset & Marketing Conference. In this one day event. Lisa and several other speakers discussed business, relationships, marketing, networking, goals and pretty much all the things we think and worry about as business owners.

“Find your dolphins” though was the one thing that really stuck out for me above all the others. As I looked around the table I realized that in WBN we are very lucky. WE ARE hanging out with our dolphins! Over the years, I’ve met many wonderful women at WBN. Many of these have become friends. Some have become clients. Others have been a great  resource and sounding board when I’ve had a business question or problem.

My friend Fedaa Alfaraj leaned close and said “WBN is full of dolphins” and around the table we all agreed. We tweeted about it. A LOT. And we smiled and laughed. I think mostly we were glad we had found our dolphins and our pods.

I’d like to thank Samantha Moonsammy (Starfish Creative Events & Inspiration) and Lisa Larter for having us as guests in this inspiring event.

And to everyone else who’s new to WBN or hasn’t got to know the members…