“I have often wished when…struggling with a decision or dilemma that the clouds would part, and a cosmic Charlton Heston-type voice would invite us to the second floor, where the Librarian of Life would sit with us for several hours, patiently answering all our questions and giving direction.”

-Henriette Anne Klauser


In December of 2013, I closed my therapy practice on nothing but a wing and a prayer.  I had no idea what I was going to do next career wise, but I knew it would not be psychotherapy. It took me a long time to make the decision to leave.  Little did I know then, that I would be in service as a coach working with the Law of Attraction and bringing in my Emotional Mastery expertise to guide my clients to balanced and harmonious living.


I thought about my clients and what they would do without me. I thought about how they would react. I thought about the money.  I knew that leaving would mean leading a different lifestyle that I was not looking forward to. I was worried about what my colleagues would say and think.  And, what was my real purpose? I felt guilt, fear, doubt, and confusion.


Whispers of Inner Guidance


My conscious mind was doing what I thought it was designed to do, solve problems.  Pam Grout, author of E-squared offers another perspective.  She says that the conscious mind was designed for just two things: to identify problems and formulate goals.  We think the mind is guiding us to “rational” decisions and so we ignore our gut.


We often dismiss our inner guidance because we are not recognizing what form it comes in..  For me, my emotions were speaking to me very loudly, but I minimized them for a long time. Ironically, I was teaching my clients to validate their own emotions and trust their guts.  Yet, I let my mind chatter on about common sense. All the while, the chatter was more about false interpretation, judgment and limitation.

Inner guidance is available to all of us.  We are all connected to the wisdom of the infinite Universe.  However, our inner guidance is not likely to show up as a message on a huge neon sign at the corner of the street.  It is often more subtle than that. Unless, you are open to receiving more direct messages.


When I went through a conscious, yet extended period of single life; approximately 13 years, in the 10th year I started getting these vivid dreams about being fiercely blown into bodies of water.  I clung dearly to whatever I could so I would not have to go into the water. Each time, I was powerfully forced in. Only, to get to the bottom and be faced with an image of a woman’s face floating in front of me that terrified me.  Turns out that image was me.


Finally, I decided to process this recurring dream with a friend.  In the end, I knew what it was about and what I had to do. I had to jump back into the water. In this case, the dating world. And, trust that I could remain true to myself and be the kind of person I wanted to be in a relationship.  Dreams have always been a way for me to tap into my higher self.


In each of these cases,  I was faced with a decision that required a change in me in order to make change happen.  I am blessed to say that jumping into the water resulted in meeting the love of my life, James.


I often hear stories from others who keep ignoring the signs that it is time to make a change.  They let their mind chatter take over and talk them into remaining in the status quo. Rather, than being open to the signs and connecting with their soul to realize their full potential.   


5 Steps to Inspired Change


When you connect to your higher self change takes on a new meaning.  It does not have to be painful. You can avoid much overwhelm, stress and fear.  You can make change peacefully, be excited about what is to come and be inspired into action.  


It does require these 5 important steps though:


  1. Knowing how to work the Law of Attraction so you can create with ease -The Law of Attraction will not get you what you want, if you do not apply many of the other Universal Laws such as the Law of Deliberate Creation;


  1. Knowing how to raise your vibration – Being mindful of your thoughts and emotions.  Being willing to shift your emotions so you vibrate positive energy. Being committed to doing the energy work so change will not overwhelm you;


  1. Having the courage to see clearly and accept what you see so you will not remain stuck – Acceptance is the first step towards change;


  1. Buying into a bright future so you can increase your “allowance meter” – The amount of happiness and success you are willing to allow into your life; and


  1. Getting up to vibrational speed with your goal and setting goals that set you up for success so you don’t give up to soon and confirm your fears.


Francesca Dattilo, Heartset Coach for Success, is a coach, speaker and author.

“Do less for success and create the freedom for life balance and harmony.”



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