It has increasingly become the norm that we live incredibly busy lives. The busier we get the harder we search for ways to bring ease into our daily lives. The simplest tasks seem daunting as they are piled on top of one another until we feel as though we are buried under a mountain of responsibility.

In Yoga Therapy we work towards finding ease in our bodies and in our lives. We know we have found ease when the breath can move without hindrance, the muscles are without tension and the body is supported without bracing.

As you plan your week and move throughout your day you can look for these same signs. If you are noticing that you hold your breath, tense up or brace yourself to get through the day, take a look at these four steps to help you find more ease in your life.

Essential – Start by writing down all the tasks that need to be done during a regular day. Look at tasks that have to do with taking care of yourself, your family, your house, your work and anything else that falls on your to-do list. Once the list is done begin to highlight the essential tasks that have to be done each day to ensure the day goes by smoothly.

Appoint – Go back through your list and mark the tasks which have to be done by you. These could also be tasks that could be done by someone else but you love to do them; like making dinner for your family. Then take all the left over tasks and see if they could be appointed to someone else. This might be the right time to finally hire that extra help you have been thinking about.

Schedule – Create a Monday to Sunday schedule template breaking it down hourly to include the hours you are awake throughout the day. Plot in the essential tasks you are responsible for; include the hours you are working, the time it takes to drive and any errands.

Enjoy – Leave time in your schedule to do the things you love, spend time with those you love and have fun.

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Jessica Keats is a registered Yoga Teacher who specializes in Yoga Therapy. Using simple therapeutic movements coupled with a clear understanding of ‘pure’ movement she helps her students experience and find lasting comfort and ease. She is passionate about helping people move, breathe, live and feel better so they can continue to do the things they love.