The WBN is seeking an incoming chair of the BYA Nominations Committee.

This is a volunteer position and comprises of two main responsibilities:

  1. Nominations chair:
    • Select and set up your committee for the 2021-22 term (typically 2-4 individuals)
    • Managing the committee through the nominations and section process 
    • Solicit and promote nominations in each of professional, entrepreneur and corporate categories
    • Organize nomination acceptance and submission completion
    • Assemble selection committees to introduce the community to the network and to showcase the WBN organization
    • Facilitate the selection process in two rounds: 
    • to narrow nominees to the finalists in each category, and, ultimately 
    • to determine the award recipient of each category
    • Introduce the finalists in each category to the WBN organization and the community at large
  1. Election to the WBN board as a director and voting member
    • Attend monthly board meetings
    • Submit nominations report, agenda items or motions prior to meetings
    • Review agendas and supporting documents prior to board meetings in order to come prepared for discussions or votes
    • Provide the Secretariat with a short biography and photo upon accepting a Board position

We are looking for someone to start working with the existing nominations chair to plan the next nominations cycle immediately.

The Chair position will come into effect upon election at this year’s AMM, typically held in September.

This is a volunteer position open to all WBN members. We invite all those interested to email Victoria by June 8th, 2021 at

Thank you for your consideration!