Enjoy life on your own terms. Have a financial plan.


-72% of Canadian households who receive financial planning advice are satisfied with their current financial situation, versus

-53% of non-advised households*

-74% are able to enjoy an annual vacation, versus 44 per cent with no plan**

-65% have money left over for the occasional splurge, versus 31 per cent with no plan**


Advised households also feel better prepared for life’s unexpected challenges, like financial emergencies (60 per cent vs. 28 per cent) and tough economic times (65 per cent vs. 36 per cent).**


Plan to retire comfortably

Don’t leave your retirement plans – or the financial security of your loved ones – to chance.

Canadians who engage in financial planning:

-Are twice as likely to feel on track to retire when they want, compared to Canadians with no plan (50 per cent vs. 22 per cent**)

-Feel confident they will have enough money to retire comfortably (74 per cent of advised households vs. 52 per cent of non-advised households)*

-Feel confident their loved ones will be looked after financially if something should happen to them (73 per cent vs. 41 per cent of those without a plan)**


Plan to maximize your financial potential

Without a plan, you may be missing valuable opportunities to make your money work for you.

Advised households:

-Are twice as likely to participate in tax-advantaged solutions such as RRSPs, RRIF, RESPs and TFSAs than non-advised  households***

-Have portfolios that are more optimally designed for future performance***


Plan to partner with an expert

Your financial security advisor is a partner for life – an expert who will review your financial security plan regularly and help keep you on track. So plan on taking the first step to living the life you want – today and in the future.


* The Investment Funds Institute of Canada, The Value of Advice Report, 2010

** The Financial Planning Standards Council, The Value of Financial Planning

*** The Investment Funds Institute of Canada, Remarks to Federal Government Senate Banking Committee Retirement Income Adequacy, May 12, 2010


Karen McNamara, Financial Security Advisor, Freedom 55 Financial