Do any of these describe how you feel about social media: 

  • “It’s just a big time-waster.”
  • “Social media is for young people with a lot of free time.”
  • “I don’t see how social media can help me in my career.”
  • “I’ve tried to get into it, but I get overwhelmed and give up.”

If any of the above apply to you–you’re not alone. Many of us have had to get used to social media being part of our lives. I know I did. It all started when I first joined WBN’s Marketing committee. That was quite a while ago; I was part of the committee

  • before WBN had a Facebook page
  • before WBN had a Twitter handle
  • before WBN knew what a blog post was
  • before Instagram was born (yup. It’s true.)

Since then, I’ve been able to see how social media works, how it has evolved, how it’s become part of the WBN, and most importantly, how far it reaches.

So today I’m writing this post in the hopes that those of you who “don’t get” social media, or still don’t think it can benefit you might see it from a different perspective.

You might wonder why the Marketing committee puts so much emphasis on social media. Well, it comes down to this: marketing has changed. Technology and new media have changed the way we communicate and the way we do business. Naturally that has spilled over into our network. We now market WBN strictly from a social media marketing platform. Things are changing in marketing, and we are changing with them.

These days there’s an expectation that somewhere online, we will be able to find some little detail about you–anything. When that expectation isn’t met, people might just move on. If they can’t even find your LinkedIn profile–well, you’re not giving them much to hang on to. That’s why the Marketing committee encourages you to be active online, ask questions, learn new skills. Trust me, any social media tips you pick up at WBN can be used to market your business.

Think of it this way: social media is a short-cut between you and another person. Here’s an example.

Jenny Mitchell and I connected on Twitter a few years ago. I really liked her, and I decided I wanted to meet her. Over coffee at Starbucks on Woodroffe I told her about WBN. She became a member shortly after–a highly connected member who has made great contributions to the network. She’s also hired me numerous times and referred me to her clients. If it hadn’t been for Twitter, those opportunities for me with Jenny would not have existed.

What about you? What can social media do for your business?

• It can bridge the gap between meeting someone and continuing that connection/relationship.

• It can help you promote your business events.

• It can connect you to business leaders you’ve been hoping to get in touch with.

• It can keep you connected to latest developments in your industry.

• It can help you get known as a reputable professional.

That’s why as a committee we are always urging you to join our Facebook community; we ask if we can post your photo to Instagram; we ask you to submit a blog post. Don’t forget that social media is at its core a marketing tool. If you aren’t using it to get your business known, we will be happy to show you some tips. Lisa Robinson has been incredibly generous in helping other members get started. Fedaa Alfaraaj always takes time to coach new committee members. Natalie Cox has created beautiful graphics to advertise our events. And Daniela Testolini has created amazing videos to showcase the Executive.

Yes, social media can be scary to a newbie…but if you want to learn, remember you’re among friends. The Marketing Committee is always ready to help.

Loreto Cheyne
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