Thank you. Two simple words that pack a lot of punch when it comes to how they make people feel. After all, when it comes to building solid relationships, gratitude can make a big difference.

I’ve been fortunate (and grateful) to work with a number of people who actively practice gratitude. Being around them has made me feel valued and appreciated for my contribution. I know others felt the same. Often, in our professional lives, saying thank you is about recognizing extra effort. But it’s also nice to hear “thank you” from someone for simply doing a good job.

Show gratitude to the people you work with

Think about the team you work with. Maybe they’re managers or peers. Perhaps they’re employees or contractors. No one works completely alone. And that means you need those people to do what you do. I am always most grateful for the people who do work that I’m not particularly gifted at doing. Anytime I don’t have to do things like logistics and numbers is a good day and I will show you all the gratitude.

Practice gratitude in unexpected ways

A couple years ago, I challenged myself to start sending thank you cards to people. I made a list of people I wanted to thank and I spaced out the cards so I could send 1-2 per week. Whenever I thought of someone new I needed to thank, I added them to the list.

When I was tempted to avoid or put off the task, I thought of how lovely it is for me to receive real, live mail and I got back on it. It felt good to know that I was doing a small thing that would make others feel good. And all it cost me was a pack of stamps, some blank cards and a little time.

Seems like I need to pick that habit back up again – it was a really good one.

Share your gratitude

We’re a business network. Therefore, it makes sense that we make recommendations and praise other businesses for the work they do well for us. When it comes to supporting women in business, there’s really no better way than to tell others when you get exceptional service and results.

It costs nothing to show gratitude. So, be generous with yours because we all need to hear it.


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Karen C. Wilson, WBN President
WBN President, 2015-18
Chief Marketing Strategist and Storyteller
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