Halloween has come and gone and the Winter Holiday preparations are here!

Pressure to “Shop until you drop” is now in full force.

Instead of over-spending this year, why not try another approach?

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle is my motto…and what better time do do so?!

Do it yourself

Now days with a variety of DIY (do it yourself) sites such as: Pinterest, DIY Life, DIY Network and Green Upgrade…the sky is the limit for not only fun and creative ideas, but gifts that come from the heart, and are truly, specifically tailored to your friends, colleagues and family members.

Second hand

Not crafty or just don’t have the time? Second hand stores open up a world of options, and a bonus…most proceeds go to a great cause! Take an afternoon and skip the congested malls. Not only will you find the experience more relaxing, but there is nothing more exciting than finding the perfect gift, in exceptional condition, for less than half the price! Head out with some ideas in mind to help have a more productive experience.

Personal touch-

Shy to be gifting re-used or recycled items? Make it your own by adding special embellishments. Your receiver will be grateful knowing your gift was given from the heart. Besides…who will ever REALLY know?

Buying new-

Simply prefer buying new? Perhaps consider a gift that will be long lasting, produces no waste, creates less of an Environmental impact, and is better for our over all health and wellness. Dryer balls that replace fabric softeners, flameless candles, home-made jewellery/clothing items or ENJO fibres which are used to reduce toxic chemicals found in the home. Avoid items made of plastic, fragrant items such as perfumes and scented candles and gifts with bulky packaging.

Support your local Businesses-

This is important ANY time of year, especially during the Holidays. There are so many amazing local Businesses that offer a Variety of creative, high quality gift ideas, right in your own neighbourhood!

One stop shop-

Attend Vendor Shows and local Arts and Craft Shows. You will be supporting local Businesses, and it is also a great way to pick up everything you need in one visit. Shows are surprisingly fun and exciting excursions for a change in your shopping routine. A fantastic way to meet new and creative people.

Wrap it up-

Put a spin on wrapping! Recycled Newspaper is a great way to wrap your gifts. By adding bows and ribbons, perhaps photos…is a unique way to put your personal ┬átouch on your gifts. Old materials you may have laying around the house, also might come in handy when wrapping your gift. Second hand stores do carry a variety of baskets and bags that will be sure to suit your wrapping needs.

In a World of excess, these are just a few of many ideas that can help limit spending, reduce waste and over all, contribute to making the World a better place. Lets face it…there is no better gift than that.

Happy Holidays!

Amy Donskov (Rutter), RDH

Independent ENJO Consultant