You may be able to run a half-marathon in just under 2 hours, but you might be having trouble with the fundraising steps, the steps that raise money for your favorite health charity. Here are a few good reminders that will help you get your fundraising game on.

You’re not asking for you, you’re asking on behalf of your charity
You are not asking for money from your friends, you are asking for your friends to join you in raising money for a great cause. You are not the recipient! Your friends can choose to give through you to a worthwhile charity that is doing great work in the community.

Tell your friends why YOU are involved
You didn’t pick this charity out of a hat (I hope!). This organization means something to you personally. Tell your story. Explain to your friends how this charity helped you and your family, how they made a difference in your life. Get personal.

Create a personalized message for your peer-to-peer fundraising page
If you want people to spend the time to donate on your online page, then spend some time uploading a picture and a message for people when they arrive. Be sure to comment as donations come in, be sure to thank people for their generosity, and be sure to update them on how you’re doing. Fundraising is a team sport!

Thank early and often
Everyone loves a thank you – electronic, phone, in the mail. Be sure to say ‘thank you’ as often as possible. One of the best thank you messages I ever got was from a friend who thanked me for supporting her Parkinson’s bicycle ride. She told me about meeting a researcher when she picked up her race kit. Thanks to her race, the organization was about to embark on a new phase of research that would help develop individualized plans for people like her dad. I was so proud to have donated to something that was making a real difference!