This month’s ‘Inspired Growth’ theme has got me thinking about the growth of businesses, and the growth we experience as business owners. To me, growth means moving forward, changing, usually learning. And when it comes to our brands, growth also applies. Don’t get me wrong: the core of your brand remains the same, but along the way, as time passes and technology changes, our brands also shift slightly.

When you started your business, chances are you had a pretty clear idea of what you were doing, the service/product you would provide, at what price, and for whom. There’s also a good chance back then you did some digging, you did some thinking, and you came up with your main brand message-which is just a fancy way of saying what you stand for, and how you communicate that to everyone.

But as the years pass, have you taken stock of how far you’ve come, and whether your initial brand and brand image are still valid? Put more simply: are you still delivering on the same promise as the day you started? And does your professional image still reflect that today?

Take a moment and think about your logo, your tagline, and your website.

Today, do they still embody ‘what you stand for’? Do they still tell your buying audience what you’re about, what you sell? Or are they showing their age, and looking dated…and not really accurately describing your business anymore?

If that’s the case, September is the perfect month to embrace change. Give ‘inspired growth’ a chance, and take stock of your professional image. With some tweaks and updates, your brand image can be updated and refreshed, and inspire YOU to continue growing.

If your professional image is looking dated, contact me for a consultation. And we will come up with a plan to update it and reflect the professional that you are today.

Loreto Cheyne