My clients often ask me, ‘Where should I start? Decorating is all so overwhelming to me!’ It’s natural to be uncertain when faced with so many choices. Here are five ideas to help create a unique look that is a true reflection of your personal style.

1. Create a decorating file with pictures of rooms and styles that appeal to you. Once you start becoming aware of colours, designs, and various products available, you’ll find your decision-making is much easier. Sometimes it’s easier to identify things you DON’T like, which can also be useful in helping to guide your decorating decisions.

2. Select a favorite piece, and build your room around it. Perhaps it’s a special piece of art, a gorgeous area rug, or even an heirloom quilt. When start with something that you love, you will be amazed at how colours and design ideas flow.

3. Find a printed fabric that you adore, and use it as your guide for establishing the feel of the room, developing a colour palette and choosing complementary fabrics and accessories.

4. Decorating is essentially dressing your home, so why not borrow a favourite colour combination or textile from your closet. Love linen shirts? Maybe you’ll love it as a drapery fabric too. Are you a sucker for stripes? Consider a striped accent chair. And don’t forget, investing in furniture is a lot like investing in wardrobe essentials: always buy the best quality that you can afford, especially for major purchases that you’ll be living with for a long time such as upholstered pieces, floor coverings, and window treatments.

5. More than anything else in your home, your accessories reveal your personality. Whenever and wherever you see something that grabs your eye, snap it up. You’ll smile every time you see it in your home. The possibilities for accessorizing your space are endless – think eye-catching wallpaper, colourful pillows, or interesting vases, bowls, candle holders and wall decor.

I once heard celebrity designer Sarah Richardson say, ‘If you’re not comfortable in your home, no one else will be either.’ Your decor should reflect your unique perspective on style. What kind of a statement does your home make about you?

By Susan Sykes
Interior Decorator
Decorating Den Interiors – Susan Sykes Design Studio

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