WBN members are passionate women! Since joining over 2 years ago I have met members who sit on so many important community and charitable Boards all across the city. (Planned Parenthood, CISDEP, Healthy Women, Healthy Communities, Suits Her, Dress for Success Ottawa, Maplesoft Cancer Survivors session and so many more!)

Inevitably, when people find out that I am a fundraiser, one of the first questions they ask me is ‘How do you DO that?’ They want to learn more about the business of fundraising so they can support their favorite charities.

I am passionate about bringing Fundraiisng basics – Fundraising 101 – to small to mid-size charities. How many of you would like to be better fundraisers for your charities of choice? Would you like to understand why people give, and how to motivate them to donate? I can help!

If you’re not an ‘official’ fundraising staff person (i.e. your main paycheck doesn’t come from a not-for-profit) don’t worry! If you want to learn more about making a bigger impact in your community by engaging others in fundraising, then there’s a place for you in these upcoming sessions. Board members, volunteers, fundraising event planners all welcome!

Fundraising Mastermind sessions are ONLINE via google hangouts: you don’t have to leave your desk to participate. Here’s a few ‘teasers’ about what we’ll cover in the October sessions:

  • Breaking news: special events may NOT be the best way for your organization to raise funds
  • What’s the most important word in your Annual Appeal letter to your supporters? YOU! (as in you, the donor)
  • Name the biggest missed opportunity in the fundraising world? Hint: it has something to do with thank yous.

Want to raise more money for organizations you care about? Work with me, a professional fundraiser, to achieve your goals. Or invest in training for your favorite not-for-profit staff member so they can grow and get better at their jobs.

WBN is a group with a big heart! Members who register by Friday for these sessions will receive a $25 discount from their online training registration