Sometimes we need to take our own advice, and for me that means taking care of my physical self. In a year where I juggled two homes and families, cared for my mother during her cancer treatments, developed Sister Leadership’s vision, and advocated to bring women leaders together in spirit and in learning — I needed more and more to take care of me. And so, this year has also become the one where I have a personal trainer, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist and, let’s add the cherry to it all, was declared cured of cancer.

There is a bridge between our physical selves and our self-aware, productive selves. As you can see with our most recent interview with Danielle Robinson, there’s a vital component to leadership and giving forward, and that is in the body and in its ability to be grounded.

In our upcoming theme for Sister Leadership, we are diving into the physical connection to our body, and how that impacts leadership and spiritual intelligence. I’m really excited to integrate ideas that bang-on capture the mixture of physical and self-awareness in the different areas of the mind, and how they connect to the body.

While in Mexico on my retreat with my partner, I began reading books by Penney Peirce, including The Intuitive Way and Leap of Perception, and all the while, I kept saying to myself ‘YES, that’s exactly right. She is nailing it on the head!’

Penny discusses the different areas of our mind that have evolved over our existence. In particular, I found her discussion of the reptilian brain to be most intriguing. Our reptilian brain is deeply rooted in us and causes many unconscious behaviours that may not always be rational. She explained its impact as one of our three brains, suggesting that intuition is heightened when we can fully align them:

  • reptilian (unconscious fight/flight responses in our body),
  • limbic (emotions), and
  • neo-cortex (right and left brain thinking and creativity).

The kicker is that intuition flows in our body and that our body holds all the information from all the three brains. We just need to be more receptive to the signals and information instantly surfaces. Tapping into our intuition can be easy if our bodies are detoxed and healthy. More to come on that, but I think it’s a perfect little tease for our next series on Sister Leadership: Body Smart.

Get ready to see, hear, taste and smell! We’re about to get Body Smart!

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