The yearly routine of dressing up in costume and loading up on treats is a highlight of the Fall for kids. It can also be a frustrating time for parents when copious amounts of sweets in the house can throw everyone off of their usual well rounded and balanced diet.

Here are a few tips to keep you and your family on track while enjoying Halloween:

  • Eat a healthy meal before heading out:
    It’s just like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach; starting off the night already hungry is going to encourage you to overindulge in the sweets. Eat a full healthy meal as a family
    before going trick or treating to help limit the amount of snacking you will do along the way.
  • Choose healthier treat options:
    This is helpful in two ways – 1) You’ll feel good giving out healthier options to the kids coming to your house, 2) You will not be left with an over abundance of sugary treats. Treats such as fruit, fruit leathers and trail mix are healthier alternatives. You can also give out cool toys instead of candy. Colourful pencils, erasers, stickers, temporary tattoos and glow sticks are a few suggestions.
  • Work exercise into the evening:
    Make sure to walk between houses and not drive. You can give your kids a pedometer and make a friendly competition out of who walked the most by the end of the night. Every year you can try to walk a little further.
  • Set up a keep vs. donate system:
    When you get home, have your kids separate the candy into piles. One they can keep and one they give away. Maybe they have a friend who was sick and not able to go out trick or treating. I’m sure they would be appreciative of a little candy. Check with local seniors residents or a children’s group to see if they might like to take some of the candy off your hands. Maybe they have an event coming up. It’s also a great opportunity to teach your kids about giving to others.
  • Eat in moderation:
    Limit the amount of candy your kids (and you) eat each day. Keep the candy out of sight either in the freezer or in a cupboard that is higher up. Out of sight, out of mind.

Try these tips to make your Halloween a little healthier.

Dr. Melissa Baird is a Chiropractor practicing at Glebe Chiropractic Clinic.  She can be contacted at (613) 237 – 9000, More great tips can be found at GLEBE Chiropractic + Massage on Facebook and @GlebeChiro on Twitter.