The Marketing Committee is proud to bring you this summer feature.

Every Tuesday and Thursday in July and August we will feature one member. If you’d like more information, do check out the member in WBN’s member directory ( Or better yet…follow them on Twitter, or connect via LinkedIn!



1) In ONE SENTENCE describe your business.
Human Resources- Helping businesses succeed with recruitment and selection, orientation and training, as well as career planning.

2) What’s the business advice you would give today to your 20 yr.old self?
The business advice I would give to my 20 year old self would be to never settle for something that does not make you happy. Always keep growing through education and experience.

3) What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
I travelled outside Canada for a year and a half. I taught English to children in South Korea and spent a month in India completing Yoga Teacher’s Training.

My name is Ashley Bedding. I grew up in Oshawa, Ontario. I completed my education at Carleton University and Algonquin College. I have lived in Ottawa for almost 6 years and I absolutely love it. I enjoy reading, yoga, running, as well as biking. I am currently looking for a Human Resources position.