Kimberly Cheesman
Business & Life Coach
Rhapsody Strategies

What makes you stand out? What makes your business unique? What are the core values that help drive you to succeed and why do you believe in what you do? You know you deserve the best out of this life — your one life. You know you’re meant for more. So let’s talk about how you can write your Epic Story and live your Epic Life.

Coaching is something that many of us need. We need it to strengthen our professional muscles. To build on our skills and become the best version of ourselves. There are so many distractions in both our personal and professional lives these days. Sometimes we’re just too busy to stop and really think about what we are doing and how it’s impacting us. Life can be busy, but you need to take the time to grow. To shape the life and career that you want, that you know you deserve.

Having my own coach is what helped me to elevate my career. It helped me realize my true potential. I have over 10 years of professional experience with corporate business practices and customer service. In my career I have worked with Deputy Ministers, CEOs and school Deans and I have extensive industry experience in the not for profit, public and private sectors.

What do you hope to give or receive from your membership in the WBN?

I have always wanted to be part of a community that empowers women to be their best selves. As a new member of the WBN, I hope to make lasting friendships, relationships, to learn and grow and help others learn and grow as well.

What’s the business advice you would give today to your younger self? I would tell my younger self to get out of my own way.

There is nothing that you can’t do!

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

My first job was as a landscaper.

Telephone: 613-858-0218