Norma Goldsmith, Blogging Coach, Key to Content

Norma Goldsmith, Blogging Coach, Key to Content

We are pleased to introduce WBN member, Norma Goldsmith. Listen to what she says in response to our three questions:

1. In 140 characters, describe your business.
I encourage businesses to add blogging to their marketing mix by offering coaching, resources and ghost blogging services.

2. What’s the one business advice you would give today to your 20 year old self?
Know what your values are and why you’re in business. Base all that you do on furthering that purpose.

3. What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
I’m a sucker for cute cat videos.

Bio: Norma has followed a long and winding road paved with her passion for information from its analysis, collection, and classification to its storage and retrieval, packaging, dissemination, transformation, and communication. Since blogging for business is about establishing relationships through the communication of information, she considers her business, Key to Content, a natural extension of that passion.

Key to Content
Blog with purpose. Build your business.

You can reach Norma at or 613 867-4014.

By the way, you may notice on this site that Norma is our blog editor! And she does a terrific job!