If you are like many of the businesswomen I meet, your attention is pulled in so many different directions, it can be difficult to decide between all the roles you are responsible for and all the ‘shoulds’ that are competing for your time.

When you add together Clarity + Commitment + Community, you multiply your Confidence.

Clarity: Give yourself the time to ask questions about your values, your mission, and your reason for going to work every day. The goal is to focus on your goals – not on what others want from you.

Commitment: Don’t just talk about your goals – decide that you will take daily strategic actions that will make them real.

Community: You’re not in this alone – the team members, clients, mentors, networks, friends and family can help support you as you focus on finding and completing your next inspired action.

Confidence: When you get the first three C’s working together to boost your self-esteem and productivity – you are sure of yourself and the action that you choose to take.

You then can focus this sense of clarity, commitment, community, and confidence into taking the single, inspired action that will best propel you toward your goals. Daily (or in each moment), ask yourself, ‘What one inspired action can I take today that will make the biggest difference?’ And focus on implementing this answer.

When you’ve chosen that action, you want to give it your fullest attention. The way to do this? The Permission of One.

Allow yourself to clear your calendar and forward calls to voicemail and close your email program as you devote your attention to this one powerful, important task that is the best use of your skills and helps fulfill your core purpose.

And remember – savor the success! When you’ve accomplished this one inspired action give yourself time to enjoy and celebrate your achievement. Then ask the question again.


Coach Pauline