As I spend time at the cottage catching up with family, reading and reflections, it feels like a very good time to talk about sanctifying everyday experiences with gratitude. Finally I have had a chance to dive into the book Think and Grow Rich, a book written by Napoleon Hill in 1937, and still popular today.

You might remember we interviewed businesswoman Nicola Marti on sanctifying everyday experiences in a very powerful conversation over on Today I’m going to continue the theme in relation to Think and Grow Rich, along with an update on how my mom is doing and also share a dog-biting incident that happened at the cottage just recently.

So what is sanctifying everyday experiences? Essentially, it is to appreciate an experience with gratitude and awe, to open all your senses to it, and to fill the space inside you with the curiosity to know more. Celebrate what you believe in–your values, whom you choose to be and what deeply ignites your purpose in life. Live with gratitude and celebration of what matters most to you–see what is good, challenging and accept the blessings of the unknown.

First of all my mom is recovering well from her biopsy and for that I’m grateful. It feels like a miracle to me. After the biopsy was performed, she needed an oxygen tank to breath – and was carting around this tank everywhere she went. Her blood oxygen levels were at 85%, but just the other day it shot up to 94%, meaning she wasn’t dependent on the tank anymore. For that I’m so grateful.

We had a strange situation with one oncologist involving a mix-up. One doctor came in and told us that the cancer had spread to her bones. That was devastating news, and yet in this case I choose to keep my rose coloured glasses on, and lived in this feeling of faith that it would work out okay. The next day we heard from our regular oncologist (a different one than before) who corrected the situation, and said no cancer was spotted in the bones.

Sometimes faith niggles at you, even in the face of impossible situations. In sanctifying the moment, being grateful and living in that space of faith can become a saving grace. We can see and feel the gloom in a situation, but we can also live in the little miracles unfolding – and look toward the bigger picture.

Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich took that lesson of hope and faith, and applied it to his son’s challenges. His son, Blair, was born without the external formation of ears. The doctors said he’d never hear, but Napoleon refused to give up hope. He encouraged the skills his son displayed, and let Blair know he could accomplish anything in life – including hearing. Essentially, he sanctified the moment by holding onto that space where anything is possible. In spirituality, having faith is a huge component – whether it’s faith things will work out, faith in another, faith in the bigger picture.

So as the son grew up, they lived within that faith and celebrated what could be done, while also approaching the unknown with hope. In time, a hearing device was designed that actually allowed him to hear.

Out here at the cottage, it is good to carry these little stories of gratitude and celebration of faith. They kept me going the other day when a dog bit our grandson, a little four year old, while he was staying here at the cottage. After the dog bite, the entire atmosphere of merriment came to a stand-still. I felt so terrible for what had happened, and it was terrible; I began having nightmares each night after the biting. The bad feeling soaked through us and I needed to find some way to move forward and reclaim that place of gratitude.

So just the other day, while everyone was out, I lit some incense and did a cleansing of the energy – and a cleansing of myself. I gave thanks to the cottage, and sanctified my everyday experience in that moment. Walking through each room, I gave thanks. It has helped the nightmares go away, and I hope everyone who enjoys this space.

Maybe you relate to rituals, and maybe you don’t, but if you ever feel stuck in that hard energy, I really suggest you give it a try. Light your sage or your incense, (and if it’s sage, you quickly blow it out), and allow the smoke to waft away the feelings that are blocking your gratitude and celebration.

It helped me in the moment, and I hope it helps as everyone tries to get back into that cottage groove.

May you have a wonderful week, and live in that sanctity of the moment.

Be well,


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