We’ve both heard the phrase she got up on the wrong side of the bed. 


This was me on Saturday morning a few weeks ago. 


I got up on the wrong side of the bed, grumpy, irritable & short with my husband and son. I didn’t know why for most of the day and then it hit me!


I like to take my mornings slow, especially my weekends, this is precious time for me. My weeks are so busy working a 9-5 job, trying to be a patient parent to my 3-year old toddler, be an attentive wife and build my wellness business. 


By the time Saturday morning rolls around I just want to move at a snail’s pace sipping coffee and scrolling Instagram. 


On this morning, movers were coming to help our tenant move the final items out of our rental property and a service guy was coming to look at our gas range both at the same time! My son was also bellowing for me to get him from bed & his needs needed to be taken care of immediately. In short, my house & my mind were in chaos. 


Once I realized what was happening I immediately went to my ‘natural medicine cabinet’ and pulled out tools that would help calm my irritability, my mind & help me feel at ease. 


  • Remembering to breathe. Closing my eyes and inhaling & exhaling a few times has such a positive effect on my mood. It calms my mind and allows me to think more clearly. 


  • Taking a 5 minute stroll. Even if it’s just a quick walk around the block. I find this resets my mood immediately. 


  • Using essential oils to help steady my emotions. Some of the ones I used were:


  • Copaiba Softgels: I took one of these because Copaiba calms the overall nervous system and soothes anxious feelings. So when I’m in that fight or flight mode these are so supportive. 


  • Neroli Touch: This oil is derived from the flowers of the bitter orange tree and is so supportive in helping ease anxious feelings, promotes a positive mood & relaxation. I rolled this along my forearms & across the back of my neck. 


  • Magnolia Touch: This sweet aroma rolled behind my ears and the inside of the elbow crease almost immediately calmed my stressed mind. 


Having these natural tools at my fingertips has changed my life! 


I pop my essential oils in my purse for when I’m running to meetings, commuting, or traveling. I have them to pull out and bring immediate relief to whatever mood I’m feeling. 


How do you handle these unexpected challenges? Let me know in the comments.


Ashley Mac Isaac-Butler 

Saorsa Essentials 

Ashley Mac Isaac-Butler is the face behind Saorsa Essentials. A corporate working mom by day and entrepreneur by night. Saorsa Essentials’ mission is to empower savvy sister’s around the globe to live their best lives possible. A personal development junkie Ashley believes that we are all students of life. The Saorsa community is dedicated to helping you reduce stress and overwhelm while promoting healing and continuous self-improvement. 

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