The snow has finally melted brining feelings of excitment for summertime sun and fun.

With the Spring melt comes a reveal of salt, sand and dirt dirt dirt overcoming us with the need to CLEAN.

With the heavy duty cleaning that takes place after a long, harsh winter…consider a few things that might make the process a little simpler with your Spring cleaning agenda….

Reduce your water consumption:

As accessible as it seems…water is a precious resource…and a costly one at that. Try to be conservative while you clean. Think twice about letting the hose or tap run at full force, use that bucket of water to clean throughout your house insead of a fresh one in every room. Don’t fill your buckets to the brim! Turn the hose off while washing your car…and consider starting a rain catcher for rain water that you can re use when cleaning outside or watering flowers and plants.

Reduce your waste/protect our Environment:

Paper towels, paper towels and more paper towles. One item that has become a household staple for many. Guess what…it’s paper..and it’s waste. Try using old rags or alternatives for wiping and drying. Avoid purchasing cleaning products that you are required to refill or that are meant for single use. Saves a whole lot money and reduces household waste.

Save time:

Who doesn’t want more time for the fun stuff? Get creative with your cleaning…there are many household alternatives out there that can not only speed up the process…but clean more effectively at the same time. The mechanical method of cleaning is widely used around the world and becoming more popular by the day in North America with products such as….ENJO! No need to be spraying, wiping and spraying with bottle after bottle of harsh and toxic chemical cleaners. No more need for multiple chemicals for every room and surface of the home.

Protect your health:

Get outside! ENJOY the fresh air…remember…due to the toxic chemicals being used to clean our homes, our homes can be more polluted than the outdoors. Every day, chemical cleaners are being inhaled, ingested and absorbed long after the act of cleaning is done. If you are going to stick with harsh chemicals to clean…have your family step outside while you clean…and whomever is the not so lucky one stuck doing the cleaning…get outside for a breath of fresh air immediatley after doing so. Keep those windows wide open to promote circulation and ventilation in your home.

After everything is dusted off, scrubbed down and the heavy chore of Spring cleaning is complete…reward yourself! Sit back and enjoy a healthy and clean home!

Amy Rutter, RDH

Independent ENJO Consultant