This week we are excited to introduce Lisa Weiss of I of the Storm Coaching and Consulting. If you participate in networking, then you know it can lead you to some wonderful people. Our Sister Leadership researcher, Norma Goldsmith met Lisa during a networking event and they hit it off. When we were looking for a passionate woman to feature for our Spiritual Intelligence series on vocation, Norma had just the person for us.

Lisa Weiss is a passionate coach and consultant in Ottawa. Her coaching approach is about tapping intuition and taking that moment of pause. Lisa helps her clients ‘create a safe space that will allow you to get curious about, and let go of, the why’s and how’s involved in the life you have created for your Self and step into claiming the life you deserve.’

So how does SI vocation play in Lisa’s career? From our Sister Leadership perspective, vocation is a special urge, inclination, or predisposition to a particular calling or career to meet our spiritual needs. A calling to make a difference and to give meaning to one’s life purpose; a feeling that we need to serve others, to give something back to our community. With this in mind, let’s hear how Lisa has experienced vocation in her life.

1. Lisa, how do you make a difference in people lives? Can you provide an example where an outcome was affected by your spirituality?

I invite individuals to consider a different process in which to engage themselves in order to choose what is meaningful to them. The difference I feel I make is I model what is to BE mySelf, and tell the truth of my experience. In that way I become the invitation for others to discover another way of BEING and ENGAGING in their world.

I am a WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate, and Registered CODE Model Coach™. This means I engage a threefold process:

– I introduce a body of knowledge that provides a different context from which to consider our lives.

– I use the CODE Model™ as a process of inquiry.

– I engage a process called Quantum TLC that redefines how we make choices, moving us from our head into our body.

Every event in my life is affected by my spirituality. My belief is that how we define spirituality makes the difference. I define it as ‘connection’ to my higher Self. Therefore, every outcome is affected by my spirituality in relation to how much I am connected, or not connected, to my higher self as an internal reference point. When I engage my life externally referenced, meaning looking outside of me, my life looks very different from when I engage myself from the sensory cues I get internally.

The biggest example of an outcome was discovering I was depressed and ‘dying’ on the inside due to all the choices I was making. I didn’t even know I was depressed because I was ‘happy Lisa’. I was making choices resulting in me folding in on myself. Once I owned the truth of my experience, based on the sensory cues in my body, and began to choose differently, my life changed. On the outside some would say my life was falling apart, I knew it was falling together. I am now FULLY AWAKE and LIVING!

2. How do you know that you are on the right track to be ‘in purpose’? Who is your role model who inspires you to have a meaningful life? What are their three strengths?

I check in with my body and notice the sensations moving through me. The essence of who we are is always speaking to us, through the sensory cues. Feeling hot, cold, muscle spasms, tightness, heaviness, lightness, etc. At this point in my life I am acutely aware of all that moves inside of me as energy and information. When I’m not on track I feel it. When I’m ‘in purpose’ I feel a great expansion inside.

The person who has modelled a very different way of BEING, and who has inspired me the most in the last five years is Louise LeBrun, Founder of the WEL-Systems® Institute. She provided the invitation for me to consider my life differently and to discover who I am. For me, her strengths include:

– her deep connection and commitment to herSELF,

– her willingness to see what she sees, hear what she hears and know what she knows, and,

– her unshakeable trust in her capital ‘S’ Self.

This may sound odd, however, I inspire me to live a meaningful life. My belief is, if I cannot inspire myself how can I possibly inspire anyone else?

3. What practices (e.g. yoga, walking in nature, etc.) keep you engaged in the flow of purposefulness?

The only thing I ‘do’ as a practice is engage mySelf in every moment of my life. That means I check in often. I engage a process called Quantum TLC, which tunes me into the energy and information moving within, and then I trust the impulses that emerge. So it looks like all that you mentioned. If the impulse is to go for a walk, I do, if it’s to work out, I do, if it’s to call someone, I make the call. I also am constantly engaging in deeply meaningful conversations with others. I see every conversation as an opportunity for me to discover MORE of me, when I choose what is meaningful to me my world changes.


We thank Lisa very much for sharing her time and insights with us on vocation. If you want to engage further with Lisa, check out her facebook page and website.

So now we’re turning to YOU.

What is your vocation, and how did you know it was your calling? Also, how has your vocation evolved with your experiences? Have you always been drawn toward one purpose, or has it varied?

We’d love to hear from you on this. So, get down to that comment section and share your thoughts – feel free to link in your business as well, so that we can all network here together in Sister Leadership.

Till next week,


(I’m off in Bequia this week loving the sunshine. There are a few pics over on the Sister Leadership facebook page. You are welcome to visit and enjoy)

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