Straighten Up Canada!

Did you know that low back pain and musculoskeletal conditions are the second leading cause of disability worldwide according to the World Health Organization? An increasing alarming number of young adults are suffering from iPosture or text neck from overuse of smartphones and tablets.

Thursday October 16th was World Spine Day and the theme for 2014 was Straighten Up & Move! Our own WBN Membership Chair Dr. Sasha Hamid was on CTV Live earlier this month announcing the launch of a great new FREE app designed to get us up and moving:

Straighten Up Canada is the only free Canadian app that provides easy-to-perform posture exercises. When done regularly, these three-minute exercises can help improve your spinal health over time. Good posture prevents backache and muscular pain, allows your body to use less energy for daily tasks, helps to decrease wear on joints and prevent arthritis, and increases the flexibility and stress tolerance of your spine. Most importantly, good posture makes you look and feel great!

Get The App! The Straighten Up Canada app is available for iPhone and Android users through the Apple and Google Play stores. You can download it by searching “Straighten Up Canada”.

Straighten up and get moving!


Dr. Sasha Hamid is a Chiropractor at the ByWard Chiropractic Clinic and Massage Therapy Centre; a team of health care professionals providing evidence informed care in a collaborative model in order to create an exceptional patient experience. Dr. Hamid has been a proud member of the WBN since 2009 and is the current Chair of the Membership Committee. 
She was voted 2012 National Capital Fit Day People’s Choice for Best Chiropractor. Dr. Hamid is an advocate for healthy and active living and frequently lectures within Ottawa on a variety of wellness based strategies.