There are times when you read, hear or feel the perfect bit of support just as it’s most needed (call it a sign from above, or a well time Hollywood film moment in real life, or whatever you like to call it!)

For me, this week, it has been the wisdom of Maya Angelou. While navigating family challenges with illness and elderly care, snippets of her powerful expressions and conversations have helped me remember: This is the best I can do today, and that is enough.

Dr. Maya Angelou had a complex sense of self having had a very difficult upbringing and rising from poverty, violence and racism. As a celebrated author, actress, civil rights activist, playwright, poet, dance club owner, singer, prostitute, and even pimp, she lived and chronicled an extraordinary life.

As the author of seven best-selling autobiographical books, she demonstrated her awareness of self. And, as you may know, she was a person of virtuosity. To be virtuosic is to master a great ability or skill in the arts, sciences, or other discipline.

To celebrate the virtuosity of this women, and to give a place of reflection and reassurance, I’ve made a small four-part image series this week on Laced between reflections on Maya Angelou herself, there are beautiful quotes presented to be shared online (or, to be read and simply enjoyed in that moment). Enjoy and have a wonderful week!

‘A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.’