I get a good chuckle when I hear my clients say to me after our first session, “You’re not going to believe what happened!” Thing is I do believe it, wether they are telling me about attracting more of their ideal clients, better business opportunities, promising love interests or a deeper connection in their relationships.  I believe it because I believe in the Universal Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation.


They seem to forget that much of the work done in the first session; getting clear on the vision, gets the ball rolling to attract what you want.  Many of my clients tell me that they feel much better once we have clearly defined what they want.  They feel more confident and in control as a result. And although, I tell them we are doing powerful work, they still often underestimate the value of this step.  


Why Contrast Matters:


Clarity is not attainable without contrast.  Contrast are those experiences we do not like, want or prefer to happen.  By having a better understanding of what we do not want, we then get a better understanding of what we do want. Contrast helps you focus your thoughts in the right direction. Contrast is the first step to creating.


Unfortunately, many of us take contrast and turn it into resistance by concentrating and focusing on what we don’t want or what we don’t have.  This is just another way to focus on lack which offers a negative vibration.  And, when we complain about our circumstances we feel bad. This is simply a sign that we are choosing thoughts that are mismatch from our desire and we need to course correct.  When we feel good, we know our thoughts are matched to our desire.  Being a Deliberate Creator means consciously choosing better feeling thoughts.


Why Clarity Matters:


Clarity focuses your thoughts on positive expectation.  When you are clear about what you want this helps you to consciously consider what you are projecting out to the universe and into your future.  Every thought and feeling we have in this moment is shaping our future.


Clarity improves your point of attraction and your vibration. Clarity helps you stay focused on your desire.  Without clarity you cannot direct positive attention and energy to your desires to raise your vibration.  You are unable to get aligned with your desire and then you will not create what it is you do want.


Why is this Happening to me?


It is also not uncommon after a clarity session with a client for them to say to me,“Why is this happening?”  A client of mine came to me because she wanted to attract her soul mate. Early on in our work together, we worked on a her soul mate list; those qualities, characteristics, traits, attributes etc… she wanted in a partner.  Shortly afterwards, she met someone. Soon into the relationship she realized that he was not who he initially portrayed himself to be; an all too familiar situation for her. She asked me why this was happening when she had clearly indicated she wanted someone who was honest, genuine and authentic.  


I explained that sometimes in response to clarity, the Universe sends us people, circumstances and situations to see if:


  • We are really ready to change old patterns;
  • We are really finished with replicating the past; and
  • we are truly ready to let go of what is familiar and known.


The unwanted situation is the Law of Attraction and Reflection at work as it is simply an example of honouring your current vibration.  It is also an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to a new way of being.  Your commitment to live the life you want to live, rather than live the life you are currently living.  


Francesca Dattilo, Heartset Coach for Success, is a coach, speaker and author.

“Do less for success and create the freedom for life balance and harmony.”



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