I often say that we have a relationship with everything in our lives, including money.  We can determine if we will have a “For better or Worse” relationship with money. This largely depends on the unconscious promises we have made to ourselves and the universe about our ability to create our abundance.


This past weekend I had an opportunity to renew my money vows.  Of course, it was triggered by a contrast situation. A situation I did not like, want or prefer to happen.  We had an expensive unexpected car expense that had to be dealt with immediately due to safety reasons. Meanwhile, my husband and I were just talking about the costly dental surgery he needed to have in the near future.  




So, my mind started going to the road of “the worse it gets, the worse it gets” or as our dear friend was saying this summer when we were binge watching the Ozarks starring Jason Batemen “It just keeps getting worser and worser!” (LOL).  


Have you had that happen to you?  One unwanted event sparks some downward spiral thinking and then another and another downward spiral thought comes. Then, you get sucked into the vortex of negative thinking.  You start building up this case:


  • It’s not fair!
  • There is not enough!
  • Why does this keep happening to me?
  • When am I going to get a break?


In keeping with the Law of Attraction, it makes perfect sense; like attracts like.  And, the longer you focus on the negative thought more negative thoughts come to you and then they seem to speed up and come at you faster and faster.  By the way, the same is true if you are able to hold on to one pure, positive thought; you will attract more and more positive thoughts.


But this thinking is certainly not in keeping with the Law of Allowing and the Law of Detachment that teaches us to accept, go with the flow and trust that everything is always working for our higher good.    

My husband was also getting caught up in the spiral.  He made this comment “It seems like every time we take a step forward we then have to take 2 steps back”  Sound familiar to anyone?


I realized that I was creating big tension in my relationship with money.  I certainly did not want to create even more events to increase this tension.




And, I thought about those money vows that do not serve us:


I vow to not trust myself, others or the universe to create money

I vow that I will always fear you, money

I vow that you will let me down

I vow that you will not be there for me

I vow to be jealous of others that have you


Then I thought, why would money want to have a relationship with anyone who committed themselves to these beliefs?


So I rewrote my vows:  


I vow to trust myself, others and the universe to create money for me

I vow to love and appreciate you

I vow to raise my energetic vibration to attract money more easily to me

I vow to believe that you will be consistent and reliable

I vow that you will always be by my side

I vow to use others’ financial success as a source of inspiration


These vows feel so much better!


Make your promise and dedication to money one of “For Better or Even Better”.


Francesca Dattilo, Heartset Coach for Success, is a coach, speaker and author.

“Do less for success and create the freedom for life balance and harmony.”



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