How does a typical day start for you?

Does the following scenario sound at all familiar?

You’re shocked out of a fitful sleep by a blaring alarm. As you crawl out of bed grumbling about the stresses of the day ahead, you turn on the TV or radio, open your newspaper, or click onto the Internet. What do you see? The media delights in engulfing you with stories of conflict and horrific events.

As you leave your home, you’re surrounded by agitated drivers until you finally arrive at the office, only to be inundated by office politics and other trappings of the rat race.

In a world filled with so much negativity, is it possible to live a positively charged life?

The answer is a resounding YES! Consider, for a moment, how this same day could have started if you were focusing on positivity, instead:

As you awaken, you feel rejuvenated by a restful slumber. You’re greeted by the melody of the birds singing as they announce the beauty of the new day. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air and you sit up, stretch, and spend a leisurely moment taking it all in.

You spend your commute wondering what exciting opportunities await you as you plan a fulfilling day mixed with working toward your goals and enjoying your favorite hobbies. At the office, your co-workers chat amiably as they settle in for a productive day.

Which morning do you prefer?

The amazing thing is you have the power to choose either one!

Try these life-changing strategies that will help you discover your power to keep positive energy flowing on a daily basis:

1. Interact with nature. As simple as it may sound, you can gain a positive outlook by interacting with nature. The beauty of nature is the reality that, regardless of the surrounding circumstances, the course of nature continues.

  • Sunlight always breaks through the cloudiest days and darkest nights.
  • Spring brings an annual rebirth of life as new plants peek through the frozen snow.
  • Animals carry on their natural routines as they fulfill their purpose.

2. Connect with your spiritual side. Spirituality can bring calmness, happiness and serenity to your life. These attributes help to contribute to positive energy. Whether you decide to embrace spiritual beliefs or spend some time in self-reflection, you’ll find that you feel differently when you connect with your inner self.

  • Connecting with your spiritual side can truly allow you to be accepting of yourself and your past and willing to commit to turning things around for the better.

3. Count your blessings. As bad as things might seem to you, know that they’re not the worst they could be! It’s important to notice the good things you have in your life.

  • Think of five things each day that you’re happy about or thankful for.
  • Ask yourself how you can turn your current situation around and make it better with the resources you have now.

4. Help someone in need. There’s nothing quite as fulfilling and positive as helping someone in need. Discover the satisfaction that comes from being a Good Samaritan. Remember that when you help someone in need, you’re contributing to making the world a better place because someone will be better off because of you.

5. Change your perception. Your circumstances are what you make them, and make of them. If you look at a situation and expect hopelessness out of it, then hopelessness is likely what you’ll get. Instead, why not look for a positive outcome for each and every event?

  • Give it a try and see how quickly you’ll be able to extract a glimmer of hope from those negative circumstances. Use the tools you’ve been given and make the machine work the way you want it to.

Embrace your inner power to make life what you want it to be. Use these life-changing strategies to fill your life with positivity. Then, instead of relying on others to create what you hope to have, you can craft the situation you want for yourself!


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