1.Get a good night sleep the night before the shoot
Try to go to bed early the night before. When you’re rested and relaxed, the camera catches that!

2. Hydrate!!!!
Start drinking lots of water from the moment you book your session. Your skin will also look healthier and hydrated after a few days of doing this.

3. Eat before your session
The idea is to show up fed, because being hungry affects your mood and that will reflect on the photograph.

4. Wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel confident, attractive and professional. If you’re uncomfortable it will show. It is stressful enough being in front of the camera so it is better to feel very comfortable.

5. No drugs or alcohol the night before.
The night before your session refrain from recreational drugs or alcohol. Both will dehydrate your skin. Nothing that dehydrates you before the shoot, even working out!

Mentally, you need to show up happy to your photo shoot, even if you are nervous, so I can get the best results for you. Don’t forget: this is your big day. You’re investing in your image and in your brand, that’s why you need to hydrate, have a good night’s sleep, eat, and last but not least, try to book your session before 3 p.m. since gravity affects all of us after that time.

I look forward to photographing you!

Ima Ortega