Welcome to my first blog – as an accountant I have never blogged before, and like the conservative individual that I am, I did a little Google research on how to be an effective blogger, as well as trying to apply what I have learned at the social media event in November, so do not criticize my first attempt too harshly. Many of the items that I have learned about blogging is to keep it simple, keep it short, and keep it on topic. Well, I have 90 words and have only spoken about how I don’t know anything about blogging, but I will switch to what I know – about the WBN. Maybe I will be inspired to write an accounting blog at a later time, but the topic today is the WBN.

My goal this year is to reaffirm with people as to why the WBN is valuable to them – why do I want to be a member.Let me share with you why I am a member.I joined several years ago, and put very little effort into the membership, went to a couple of events, didn’t joint any committees, and at the end of the year I sat back and said well, I didn’t get any business from this, so why should I go on?This was my illusion – I knew I had a lot to learn (but I didn’t ask any questions, or get to know anyone).I knew I had a lot to offer (but I didn’t show anyone).

So, on a chance, the call for nominations came out and I thought, well I am an accountant, and I can do accounting, why not apply for the treasurer position. Well, it doesn’t work that way – you have to be on a committee first before you get to be on the board. Good thing too, because you have to know how the committee’s work, before you can learn how the board operates. So, a wise member said to me, how about joining a committee? So, sponsorship committee here I come. What a wonderful experience. I got to get to know the wonderful women on my committee, and then I chaired the committee, and got to attend board meetings and got to know the amazing women on the board and how boards work. Then on my way out of the country one day, I answered the phone from Anne van Delst (our now past president), who asked me if I would stand for an executive role. Be careful what you say yes to when you are trying to leave the country, but here we are today. My point from all of the above, is that you have to get out there, show what you can do, and observe and learn from others. That doesn’t happen from your desk at the office. If you put effort into your membership – you will get value from your membership. Like a gym, if don’t actually go, you won’t achieve your fitness goal. So, I challenge everyone to achieve their business goal – get involved! Hope to connect with you at our next WBN event!