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January Value. Understanding your value, how to share your value, providing value, how to value yourself and your products/services without giving too much away, building trust as business currency.
February Authenticity. Building trust, being true to yourself, how to be personable without getting too personal, personal branding.
March Confidence. The difference in women’s confidence, building more confidence, how to do more and think less, failing up, reasons for lack of confidence (and how to overcome them).
April Business Communication. How to write great emails, how to lead a meeting, how to inspire a team, tactics for ensuring others understand your message.
May Mindset. Things that stand in the way of the success you’re looking for, money mindset issues that impact your business/career.
June Scaling. How to  know when it’s time, setting yourself up for success, how to outsource or build a good team, be a good leader, creating systems.
July  Speaking to a crowd. One of the very best ways to get in front of new audiences and connect with them is to speak in front of them but one of the most common fears out there is public speaking. How can you get comfortable with the idea of getting visible and speaking in front of a group or the media?
August  Collaboration. Collaboration over competition – how can we work together to help each other grow.
September  Productivity. Some days/weeks/months it feels like you are working all the time and yet nothing feels like it’s getting done or knocked off your to do list. Let’s decrease the overwhelm and start feeling like the things we’re doing qualify as time well spent.
October  Network to Success. We all spend a lot of time networking but how often are we figuring out ahead of time what we’d like to get out of those events? Are we creating unrealistic pressure on ourselves or not giving ourselves the right goals to feel like we’re getting the right return on the investment of time and money required of networking? Let’s get clear on our goals and pinpoint the right tactics to achieve those goals.
November  Selling yourself without selling yourself short.  “I’m not good at sales” is one of the most common things we hear from business owners and yet every business and company needs an audience who wants what they have to offer. Let’s shift the conversation so that we stop feeling like we’re the cliché of selling used cars and start demonstrating our value and creating experiences that draw people in without the discomfort.
December  Storytelling. One of the very best ways to get people to pay attention to what you have to say is through the use of stories; they are engaging and people feel connected and pulled towards stories they can relate to. How can you use storytelling in your business or company to help connect with your audience?