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January Value. Understanding your value, how to share your value, providing value, how to value yourself and your products/services without giving too much away, building trust as business currency.
February Authenticity. Building trust, being true to yourself, how to be personable without getting too personal, personal branding.
March Confidence. The difference in women’s confidence, building more confidence, how to do more and think less, failing up, reasons for lack of confidence (and how to overcome them).
April Business Communication. How to write great emails, how to lead a meeting, how to inspire a team, tactics for ensuring others understand your message.
May Mindset. Things that stand in the way of the success you’re looking for, money mindset issues that impact your business/career.
June Scaling. How to  know when it’s time, setting yourself up for success, how to outsource or build a good team, be a good leader, creating systems.