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January Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone Topics may include; inspiring stories, activities that challenge our comfort zone, why it is good for business, breaking old patterns, is our comfort zone limiting us.
February Be Heard Topics may include; how and why women’s speech patterns differ from men’s, how to express what you do, getting comfortable speaking in public, how to be more assertive in meetings, how to deal with interrupters, asking for/giving feedback, tips and tools to help write your message, communicating through your marketing, engaging on social media, going live, writing your first book, blogging.
March Money Topics may include; what is your money relationship, are you comfortable earning more money, managing your cash flow, being the family breadwinner, the pressure of needing your business or career to make money, investments/where to start, insurance/why do you need to protect yourself, how to create a financial proposal, what is your time worth/getting comfortable with your worth/getting comfortable asking for what you are worth.
April Working Smart Topics may include; what does working smart mean/how to work smart, tips and tricks to work less and earn more, productivity, delegation, efficiency, is perfectionism getting in the way, healthy employees/being a healthy business owner equals more productivity, how a vacation culture in the work place helps productivity.
May The Big Idea Topics may include; creating a new product/service/, challenging the status quo, making change in an organization, making the ask/how to present your idea to a group and own it, where do big ideas come from, how to get outside the box, the flow state/what gets you in the flow, how to respond when someone takes credit for your work, how does learning/creativity/play/time off help get ideas flowing.
June Ambition Topics may include; ambition is not a bad thing, scaling/building/growing, are you sabotaging yourself, handling negotiations, getting comfortable with sales, knowing your value, dedication is nice but where did your ambition/drive/ passion go, supporting ourselves and each other whether we are climbing the ladder or taking a break.
July Making New Connections Topics may include; growing your network, leveraging your network, partnerships, collaborations, how to meet the right people, what do you want your network to offer you/what do you have to offer to your network, working on a board, volunteering, how to build on the opportunity a new connection provides.
August Customer Relationships Topics may include; tips and tricks to make our customers happy, how to measure customer satisfaction, how to ask/why ask for customer feedback, best practices with unhappy customers, how to ask for referrals, how often is too often/best practices for contacting our customers, GDPR/privacy policies, confidentiality, storing client information.
September Leadership Topics may include; inspiring stories of leaders/leading, bring your best self to work/help those around you do the same, stepping out as a leader, different leadership styles, the do’s and don’ts of being a leader, lead with authenticity, balancing your personal leadership style with the leadership style of your organization, how lifting those around you can benefit your business and growth.
October Big Data Topics may include; the pros and cons of being always connected, small business digital solutions, social media solutions/strategies, search engine optimization, how to leverage social media for your business, website management, how to get noticed using hashtags, WordPress 101, Facebook 101, Twitter 101, LinkedIn 101, Instagram 101, YouTube 101.
November Collaboration Topics may include; what does it mean to collaborate, collaboration helps you and me, you don’t have to do everything by yourself and why this thinking prevents growth, knowing your value/seeing the value in others, being clear on what you offer/how you can help, negotiations, finding a mentor/becoming a mentor, sponsorship, consensus building .
December Celebration Topics may include; celebrating milestones, inspiring stories, reflection/looking back, looking ahead, sharing an important lesson learned in the past year, giving back.