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2020 WBN Monthly Themes

January Branding Topics may include; building your personal brand, telling your story, finding your why, how to strengthen your brand, how to position yourself as a thought leader, how personal branding on social media can attract leads, brand storytelling, strategies for influence.
February Mental Health Topics may include; deconstructing stigma, the impacts of mental health on the economy, managing negative self-talk, finding your inner peace, making self care a priority, managing isolation; how to support those with mental health challenges, how to create an open dialogue in your workplace, what’s your definition of burnout, do you consider burnout and stress to be the same thing?, motherhood/professional/entrepreneur/partner/caregiver: managing it all.
March Money Topics may include; being more open with your salary, how to renegotiate your salary, the benefits of pay transparency, how to build a budget, insurance/why you may need it, planning for retirement, investing/how to start investing, building your financial plan, your relationship with money, dealing with debt, managing your cash flow, when we make all (or most of) the money.
April In the Spotlight Topics may include; why women stay out of the spotlight at work, how to be visible in the workplace, taking credit for your accomplishments, finding your voice, finding professional authenticity, sharing the spotlight, fighting implicit bias in the workplace, how to give a stellar presentation, speaking up in a meeting, getting yourself in front of people of influence, tips on making visibility easier for women, what does visibility mean to you?, how are you visible in your company?, how to make the spotlight comfortable, why you want to be visible at work.
May Mentorship Topics may include; building female leaders through mentorship, how and why men should mentor women, barriers women face to mentoring, mentoring someone with imposter syndrome, why you need a sponsor and not just a mentor, formalizing a mentorship agreement, mentorship as a reciprocal relationship, how to define your sponsor-protégé relationship.
June Adaptability Topics may include; adaptability as the new competitive advantage, why adaptability in the workplace is key to success, what is strategic adaptability, staying competitive requires adaptability, the benefits of being adaptable, resiliency & adaptability for business success, intro to the adaptability quotient, how to demonstrate adaptability in the workplace.
July Productivity Topics may include; working smarter not harder, using technology to improve your operations, how to assess your productivity, implementing a continuous improvement approach, how to measure efficiency, how to be more productive without burning out.
August Team Building Topics may include; strategies for building effective virtual teams, team building exercises, building bonds amongst workers, how to give/get support, team building across difference.
September Leadership Topics may include; inspiring stories of leaders/leading, bring your best self to work/help those around you do the same, stepping out as a leader, different leadership styles, the do’s and don’ts of being a leader, lead with authenticity, balancing your personal leadership style with the leadership style of your organization, how lifting those around you can benefit your business and growth.
October Ambition Topics may include; ambition is not a bad thing, scaling/building/growing, are you sabotaging yourself, handling negotiations, getting comfortable with sales, knowing your value, dedication is nice but where did your ambition/drive/ passion go, supporting ourselves and each other whether we are climbing the ladder or taking a break.
November Innovation Topics may include; disrupting thinking, being a change-maker, applied design thinking, bringing your innovation to market, on the path to commercialization, empowering women for innovation and business success, why women matter to business innovation, innovation in senior leadership, staying fresh/relevant in your industry.
December Gratitude Topics may include; celebrating milestones, inspiring stories, reflection/looking back, looking ahead, sharing an important lesson learned in the past year, giving back.