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BYA Nominating and Awards Committee

Save the date!!  The BYA, Nominating & Awards Committee would like to remind everyone that the 2013 Businesswoman of the Year, Finalist Luncheon will be held on March 5, 2013 at the Sala San Marco Banquet Hall on Preston Street.  During the luncheon, each of the three finalists will be announced in the Professional Category, the Entrepreneur Category and the Corporate Category. We are pleased to announce that our Keynote Speaker will be Barbara Mireault, Owner & President of The Fish Market Restaurant. Ms. Mireault was the Recipient of the 2011 Businesswoman of the Year in the Entrepreneur Category.  We hope that you will be able to join us for this exciting event.


WBN’s Businesswoman of the Year

Please mark Wednesday April 17th, 2013 in your calendar, to save the date and join us for the Businesswoman of the Year Gala at the Hampton Inn. Michelle Valberg (2003 Entrepreneur Recipient) will be our emcee! Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Award with many of the past recipients and finalists.


Tweet to Win!

For the past few months, we have been running our ‘(RE)TWEET TO WIN’ Contests on Twitter. Have you entered one yet? It’s easy and fast. What do you win? A pair of tickets to the next Breakfast Circle. How do you enter? You simply retweet (RT) a specific message we send out via our Twitter account. You can retweet as often as you like-every retweet counts as one entry, no limits.

A week before the next Breakfast Circle, a winner is selected from all of the RT’s. It’s that simple. This contest is our way to let you get to know us, and try an event on us-no gimmicks. You just retweet, and if you win, you and a friend get to network over breakfast with a group of great businesswomen.

How do you get started? First, follow us on Twitter: @WBN_Ottawa. Then look out for the ‘(re)Tweet to Win’ message….then retweet away. It’s that simple.

We hope to connect with you soon and good luck!


Sponsorship Committee

There is a Sponsorship Level for Everyone – Check out the Benefits…

Partner with the WBN and highlight your business! See our Sponsorship Chart for opportunities to expand your marketing reach to a broad range of business leaders and members of the WBN. There is a perfect level for your business.

Our sponsorship packages provide a value packed option for all sponsorship partners. Whether you are looking to be an annual sponsor or to sponsor a specific event, there are package options for you starting as low as $500. We have something to meet every budget or business need.

Click here to view the benefits available to sponsors or contact Tracey Pagé, Sponsorship Chair, for full details on all partnership opportunities at 613-768-7560 or tpage@collinsbarrow.com.


Program Committee: Upcoming Events

Check out the list of the WBN upcoming events:

Media 101: Promote your business effectively in 2013
Thursday, February 21 (Evening)
Location:  Rogers Studio, 475 Richmond Rd.
Enjoy an evening of workshops with local media experts & personalities. Test your current promotional models against current trends. Four workshops. Each person will attend two. Six names will be drawn to experience hands-on television training.

February Breakfast Circle @ Bridgehead
Thursday, February 28
BYA Finalist Luncheon
Tuesday, March 5 (Luncheon)
Location: Sala San Marco on Preston Street

30th BYA Gala Event
Wednesday, April 17 (Evening)

After work – Speed Networking
Tuesday, May 21st
More details to follow


Welcome to the WBN New Members!

We are happy to welcome the following new members to the Women’s Business Network:

We look forward to meeting you at a WBN Networking event!


Member Spotlight: Jane Algire

 jane_algire.jpgJane Algire created Senior Wise Services Inc. after an old friend required a Power of Attorney for Health and no one stepped up. SWS focuses on families who need help planning and maintaining satisfying lives for both generations. She has the education and more than 10 years’ experience assisting the elderly and their supporters to maintain the quality of life for the senior members thus enabling the children to live their lives.
Her continuing education focuses 100% on techniques and research that will mitigate the effects of physical disability and dementia on the senior family member. The goal is to create a practical plan that will help families care for one another. There are lots of services in our community but it is hard to know where to find them. There are many residences, but which ones will make a parent feel right at home? SWS can help with these decisions – with a word to the wise: better to be creative than have to be reactive in a crisis.
Jane belongs to the Canadian Association for Gerontology. She is also working to earn the credentials to join the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers. Her rewards? The peace of mind she brings to families-especially the relatives who live away.
She’s a mother of five and a grandmother. Jane is renovating a 165 year-old home south of Ottawa where there are acres of land for grandchildren to run safely. She loves to travel – difficult to achieve these days while she’s standing in for clients. Any spare time is spent outdoors – snowshoeing, skiing and biking.
If you need a knowledgeable, experienced and practical senior’s advisor just to chat about your concerns, give Jane a call.

Email:  jane@seniorwiseservices.com
Work Phone:   613-271-0113
Website:  seniorwiseservices.com


WBN in the Community-Matthew House Ottawa

I wanted to send a big thank you to the ladies that donated at the Women’s Business Network Holiday Reception. The pajamas, housecoat and sheets were ‘warmly’ received. Gift bags were given out on December 24th to wide eyes and big smiles.  Many of the women have never received a Christmas gift before.  The twenty dollars donated helped to buy a turkey for Christmas day. At the Reception, I told of one person’s journey but there are many women around the world who suffer greatly.  Here are some of the stories of women whom we helped at Matthew House Ottawa

Many of our refugee claimants are coming from Congo, Burundi, Cameroon and Nigeria.  All of these residents have asked for refuge here in Canada for their safety.  The stories I have heard are so sad.  Sometimes it is political or religious and people have to flee for their lives or be killed. One woman came to me in tears because her family had gone late to church.  When they got there, twenty five people had been murdered by extremist from another religion.
Sometimes it is because being a woman in these countries is just horrible.  A woman told me that 50% of women in Nigeria still have female circumcision done to them against their will. Even those who have convinced their parents not to do it, worry. If they get pregnant out of wedlock, midwives will perform this procedure during the birth process to keep them from enjoying sex in the future.
Another woman who had been married to a chief of another tribe enjoyed a good life until he died from a brain tumor.  The family blamed her for casting a spell on him and locked her in a banana hut out in the forest for three months.  They brought her water and a bit of rice every other day.  Luckily one day they did not tie her tightly after eating and she managed to escape.  They had sold her house and all her belongings.  Her children went into hiding.  She went to the bank and bought a ticket for Canada. She has been successful with her claim and is working hard to save money so that she can send for her children.

We have even had nuns come from the Congo. This is the worst place in the world to be a woman!  Every 5 minutes 4 rapes take place!  It does not matter if you are a woman of the God, an old woman or a 5 year old girl.  Men rape for many different reasons (to hurt the moral of the people, to gain courage for fighting or to get rid of AIDS which is a myth among many). There is nowhere for these women to turn.  If they report it to the police, the accuser can find them and often cut off their mouths to keep them and others quiet.  They may be disowned by their husband or their family if they admit to being raped.
So far MHO has helped over 85 residents.  All those who have gone to their hearing have been successful.  This means that they can apply for permanent residency and stay in Canada forever.  It is at this point that they can start (I say start as it can take 5-10 years) the process of having their family join them.  We have not had anyone returned to their homeland yet but with the new laws we expect that to start happening soon.

These are the just some of the women that your organization helped at Christmas.
Thank you,

Jan Mills
Matthew House Ottawa


WBN in the Community-WBN Scholarship Fund

The Women’s Business Network sponsors three annual scholarships for female students in recognition of scholastic and leadership achievements.

The Scholarship Fund is divided into three categories:

  1. A scholarship for entry level applicants for the Masters of Business Administration program for the University of Ottawa.
  2. A scholarship for a third or fourth year student in a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Carleton University.
  3. A scholarship for an applicant of the graduating year of a two-year business program at Algonquin College.

Click here to see our past recipients