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President’s Message on – Planning Mindset and Goals

It was fantastic seeing so many people at the WBN-BMO Financial Group Charity Golf Tournament at the Canadian Golf & Country Club. It was a beautiful day, the weather gods co-operated and the rain fell only during dinner. Congratulations to the Golf Committee for a very successful event. Check out some pictures from the event on the WBN Facebook page.  If you missed the fabulous day, make plans to attend next year. It is a great networking opportunity. As a non-golfer, I can tell you that you don’t have to be good at playing golf to have fun!

The theme for July is “Planning, Mindset and Goals.” Every small business owner needs goals to keep their business moving forward, to get motivated to do more and maintain the success of their business. There is no denying that goals provide direction, motivation and a clear way to measure the progress your business is achieving.

At its simplest, a goal is something you aim for. But goals are powerful contributors to successful business growth in several ways. The process of setting goals forces you to think through what you want from your business and how growth may or may not provide that. Goals also give you a framework within which to work. This tends to focus your efforts by helping you to rule out actions that won’t contribute to achieving the goals that you have set.

As part of setting the goals for your business, you should be specific, positive, and realistic in your achievements. Also you should differentiate between your short term goals which can be achieved in a period of weeks or months and your long term goals that have a three to five year timeline. Regardless of whether it is a short term or a long term goal, your goal should be realistic and achievable.

The most important rule in goal setting is honesty. It doesn’t matter if your goal is about customer retention, increasing your profits by a certain percentage or giving back to the community through philanthropy or volunteer organizations. If the goal is important to you then it is also important to your business.

To continue with this theme, don’t miss our July event. On Wednesday July 22 at Villa Marconi you will have the opportunity to learn the key to resilience in your business with Nancy Morris. Click here to register. Nancy Morris will provide us with the one key factor that most business owners and entrepreneurs are missing from their business planning.

Enjoy the summer weather!


Marcia Green

WBN President 2014-2015
Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP