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President’s Message on – Celebrating Greatness

Excitement is in the air! On March 11, 2015, the nine finalists for the Businesswoman of the Year Award will be announced to all of us. I anticipate that we will be introduced to nine very intelligent, business savvy, and successful women who will be recognized for their accomplishments in the National Capital Region. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet to the Businesswoman of the Year – Finalist Cocktail Reception, you can register here. At the same time, you can buy your ticket to the Businesswoman of the Year Gala which is on April 23, 2015.

When I joined the WBN in 2005, I volunteered my time on the Nominating and Award Committee. The Nominating and Awards Committee is responsible for increasing the profile of the WBN members through recognition of their achievements and plays a role in celebrating the success of all women in business via the Businesswoman of the Year Award. In 2005, the Nominating and Award Committee expanded the Businesswoman of the Year Award from a single award to three awards for an entrepreneur, a professional and for a woman in the corporate realm. It was important ten years ago and it is important now that the Women’s Business Network celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding businesswomen in the National Capital Region because as women, we forget to take that breath and allow others to congratulate us on our accomplishments. As women, we need to publicize our success stories. This year, the corporate category has changed to the company category to be more inclusive and to reflect the diversity in Ottawa’s business community.

The Financial Post has found that when it comes to women in business, Canada is a global pace setter – women retain ownership in almost half of small businesses and contribute to the creation of 50,000 more each year. Data published in an August 2013 report by Statistics Canada/Industry Canada show female business owners contribute to the creation of almost 10,000 jobs in 2011 alone. In addition, women business owners are a growing force in Canada. According to another 2010 Statistics Canada/Industry Canada Report, a 20% increase in total revenue among majority female owned enterprises will contribute an additional $2 billion per year to the Canadian economy. When female businesswomen achieve success, we, as a country, benefit.

I’m certain when we meet the nine finalists on March 11, 2015, they will inspire us to greatness. As businesswomen, we can do anything if we put your mind to it, work hard and own your success for a job well-done.


Marcia Green

WBN President 2014-2015
Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP