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Mark Your Calendars!

WBN events are THE place to meet and network with some of the most dynamic, forward-thinking business women in Ottawa. Here’s what’s coming up:

  • May 28 — Breakfast Mix & Mingle at the Urban Element. Connect, share, learn, and get your day off to an inspired start. This month’s theme is Image, tying in with the upcoming fashion show. (Look for Health & Fitness in June to tie in with our golf tournament and our new charity, Healthy Women, Healthy Community; and for Everything Natural in July.)
  • May 20 — Shepherds Spring Fashion Show — cast off the winter woollies and join us for a peek at spring’s fashion lineup!
  • June 25 — WBN Annual Charity Golf Tournament — as difficult as it is to imagine, golf really is just around the corner. Make plans now to join us for a great day of golfing!
  • July 15 — High Tea at Billings Estate — Care to join us for British high tea on the lawn of one of Canada’s national historic sites? We knew you’d say yes! (Stay tuned for details.)

Breakfast Mix & Mingle winner!

March Breakfast Mix & Mingle winner! Congratulations to guest Sam Brown and member Kathy Brunelle, who each won a pair of tickets to the Pennsylvania Ballet production of Coppelia on May 2, 2014, courtesy of the NAC. Not a winner, but you’d like to attend? See Perks & Prizes below.

Perks & Prizes

Exclusive to WBN members: receive a 20 percent discount on tickets to the Pennsylvania Ballet production of Coppelia on May 2, 2014…plus an exclusive pre-show networking event from 7:00 – 8:00 pm in the Salon (off the NAC lobby). Non-members are welcome, but cannot receive the discount. (Members, please see your emailed newsletter for the code.)

The Tweet Stuff

The marketing committee invites you to stay in touch and learn with us! We are @WBN_Ottawa, and our live Twitter Chats continue on the third Thursday of every month. The next one is scheduled for May 15 from 8-9 pm; to join in, use hashtag #WBNBizChat. Have a topic suggestion? Please email loreto@loladesign.ca. See you in the Twitterverse!

Strut Your Stuff

Each month, one WBN member will be invited to strut her stuff during a ten-minute fun and interactive showcase that presents a skill, teaches us something, or highlights a personal or business brand. In June, Lydia DiFrancesco will be strutting her stuff for our Health and Fitness theme. Email Susan or Sasha Hamid for your chance to Strut Your Stuff!

Special Note: We are looking for a task force to help us decide on themes for next year. This needs to be done before summer and should take no more than three hours over two to three meetings. Contact Susan if you’re interested.

Giving Back

Want to be more involved in the WBN but hesitant to become involved in a committee? Giving Back is your chance to contribute on a smaller scale. As the need arises, we’ll be calling out to a WBN expert to help us with a specific task.

This month, WBN is looking for a relationship manager to liaise with My First Suit, one of the causes we’ve chosen to support this year. Contact Susan if you’re interested in helping out. (Thanks to Pattie Chorney for stepping in as relationship manager for Healthy Women, Healthy Community!)

Introducing the WBN Brag Box

You’ve heard of climbing on your soapbox…well, now you have a chance to climb on the WBN Brag Box! If you have a special achievement you’d like to share, we’d like to hear about it. Promotion? Award? Published a book? This is your chance to bask in a moment of glory. Email Susan with your details!

New Member Minute

The WBN extends a warm welcome to new member Tara Hagan-Fields, a registered massage therapist and myofascial release therapist with a specialization in women’s health who says:

“It is the area I am most passionate about and an area that is often neglected in our city by massage therapists. In the last 8 years I have exclusively trained in Myofascial Release (MFR) for the treatment of Women’s Health issues.

MFR looks exclusively at the fascial system. The fascial system is the most complete system in our body. It surrounds muscle, bone, organs, cells, etc. We are embedded in this web of tissue. It is the largest most continuous system in our body and is important to us both structurally and functionally. If this system is restricted, it will prevent homeostasis from happening, preventing our body’s ability to heal and restricting the optimal function of all our systems (muscular, neurological, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, respiratory, reproductive….).

MFR is a total body approach, encouraging the tissues to unwind and release. I find this approach to be a safe and very effective modality for everyone. This technique specific to women can help with: Pregnancy (breathlessness, rib pain, pelvic/pubic symphysis/low back/coccyx pain, sciatica, abdominal tearing, imbalances, and nerve pain, making room for baby), Post Partum (breastfeeding issues, pelvic imbalances, c-section scarring), Urinary Incontinence and or Urgency, Endometriosis and Painful Menses, Scarring and pain associated to surgery (hysterectomy, breast cancer, lymph node removal). It uses a slow sustained approach to help release pressure that is put on the body; thereby releasing the problems that perpetuate your symptoms.

I always thought there was more to the human body and could never understand why massage was not ‘fixing’ the problems. Using the MFR approach in combination with my extensive knowledge of women’s health can provide a more complete therapeutic experience and can help provide you with a pain-free life style. Rather than just treating the symptoms, MFR treats the source of the problem within the fascial system. It is the most effective way to achieve lasting results and authentic healing.”

Tara can be reached at tara.hagan.fields.rmt@gmail.com or tara@apolloptc.ca.


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