President’s Message on… the 30th BYA Gala!

Wasn’t the Finalist Luncheon great The unveiling of the finalists and Barbara Mireault’s speech were inspirational!  Congratulations to all the Finalists!
If you missed the event, the finalists are:

Corporate Category:
 Heidi Hauver, Pythian
  Shannon Lambert, Veritaaq  
  France Mannarino, BMO Bank of Montreal

Entrepreneur Category:
 Marilyn Henschel, Henschel Business Services Inc.
  Bronwyn Mondoux, Cinnamon Toast, Creative + Strategy  
  Rebecca Page, Concierge Home Services

Professional Category:
  Dr. Cheryl Cooper, Vitallife Integrative Medicine
  Elisabeth Preston, McMillan LLP
    Kimothy Walker, CTV

Click here for the detailed 2012 BYA Finalists webpage.

For the next few weeks, the finalists will be busy preparing for the Businesswoman of the Year Gala on April 17th. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the awards and the BYA Gala Committee is promising an event to remember.  I would encourage each of you to attend – help the WBN celebrate the accomplishments of these nine women who live, work and play an active role in a business in the National Capital Region and be inspired by all their incredible contributions to the community.  The gala is one of our premier events for the WBN, and a premier event in Ottawa.  For the event flyer, click here!

For this month’s member benefit, I have a new (permanently extended) benefit to announce – free banner ads for members.  Within the members only section on the website (you would have to login to your account first), in the ‘Promote’ section of the ‘Members Section’ table, click on “place an advertisement”, then click “submit banner ad.”  You are able to design your own banner ad which will appear on our website on a rotating basis.  The Board recently decided to permanently extend this benefit to members.  What a great, and free, way to promote your business.  Once you post your ad, remember to update it from time to time!

On a personal note, April is my busy season.  Serving owner-managed businesses means lots of clients with tax deadlines in March and April.  I’m sure you each have your own busy season in your businesses.  For me, busy season means juggling lots of balls in the air at the same time between clients, staff and making sure my husband and kids see me once in a while.  The extra time in the office is actually fun when our team is all spending the time working together – working hard, eating take-out together!  And when I’m home, remembering to not still be at work mentally, while challenging, is important.  I always take comfort that tax deadlines don’t move and while we may work like crazy people until the deadline, the deadline is the end.  And for me, that means the summer is coming and I love summer!  So, in your own busyness – find something to look forward to, stay organized, balance your priorities, and you will make it through.

Have a great April!





Lynda Carter
2012 – 2013 President
Deloitte LLP