Businesswoman of the Year gala

April has always been a very busy, somewhat stressful, and yet wonderful time of year for me as a tax accountant.  It is that time of year when I see all of my clients in a very brief period of time, do an extraordinary amount of work preparing personal tax returns for all my clients, and my family and my friends and yet I always feel like I have accomplished so much when it is over.   I know each of you can relate to your busiest time of year, whenever that may be.  It is also a time of spring – spring flowers, spring cleaning, and spring weather!

For the WBN, and the nine finalists of the WBN Businesswoman of the Year gala, I am sure they could describe this month in a similar fashion.  The finalists are very busy preparing for the big evening, somewhat stressed at what’s to be done (decisions on dress, who to bring, what to say, how to make the most of this wonderful honour) and yet excited at the thought of what the evening may bring, and feeling wonderful at being recognized for all the accomplishments they have personally achieved this far. 

If we take a look back to our past, thirty years ago… in 1983 – The WBN created the Business Achievement Award (BAA) to honour women in business in Ottawa, the first award for a woman, to recognize excellence in business. Early awards were presented in the West Block of Parliament, then the Chateau Laurier, and then, due to our numbers, we moved to the Congress Centre and now to the Hampton Inn. In 2003, this award was renamed to the current award – the Businesswoman of the Year Award. Then in 2005, it was expanded to 3 categories of the award: Businesswoman of the Year Award – Entrepreneurial, Corporate, Professional. We host 350+ guests yearly at our BYA Gala.  What a long way we have come.

To look forward…Every year, the WBN recognizes the accomplishments of nine women who live, work and play an active role in a business in the National Capital Region and it is always a motivational evening.  I have always left that night feeling inspired by all the wonderful contributions we, as women, make to the organizations within which we work, and the communities in which we live.  The evening shares the challenges, and the achievements that these nine women have experienced – experiences to which we can relate to, learn from and celebrate.  The food is always wonderful, the company is exceptional and the evening is a wonderful opportunity to dress up and celebrate women.  If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, I encourage you to do so, and bring a friend – it will be an evening to remember. 

I would like to extend my congratulations to our nine Finalists for being nominated and accepting their nomination, and congratulations to all of our members for continuing to support women in business.  The gala is one of our premier events for the WBN, and a premier event in Ottawa and we have a lot to be proud of. 

Have a wonderful month!  Enjoy spring and all it brings.

Remember – Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ ~Robin Williams


Rosa Maria Iuliano


Rosa Maria Iuliano
2011-2012 President