Reaching the end of my term – Checking

I truly hope this month’s newsletter finds everyone in good health, good business and enjoying this wonderful summer weather we are having. As the end of my term approaches, I have spent some time reflecting on what I have learned this past year. The most important thing that I have learned is that I don’t think I was fully utilizing all the resources available to me as a member of the WBN.

First of all, I am a small business owner advisor / accountant – and the type of client I am looking for are business owners who are looking for accounting, taxation and advisory services (I look after the compliance details, so you can focus on your business). There – that is my 30 second elevator speech, but I don’t think I’ve said it to anyone in years. I plan to more often. We have exciting plans for our AGM, where we will be having Erin Crotty talk about how to prepare, what the content should be, and how to deliver your elevator speech, and most importantly techniques on effective networking. There will be many more opportunities at each and every WBN event to come to practice that speech and practice the tools that you will learn at our AGM. We are a networking organization, so we plan to give everyone more opportunities to meet more people and find out what they are trying to get out of our network. When was the last time you stopped to say, I know someone from the WBN, but I don’t really know exactly what they do, or what types of referrals, or work they are looking for? Can someone say that about you?

My organization puts together all types of publications – but I haven’t brought any to any of our events. We tell people when they first join about the ability for members to put publications, products, or anything else to promote their businesses – but we don’t. How come? Do we forget to bring it with us, or is it one of those things that we overlooked because there is so much information provided when we first join? I’m not sure, but I do believe this is a very seldom, yet amazing opportunity that we provide to our members. Maybe we don’t ‘Print on paper’ as much anymore, but do you have an electronic newsletter? Now we don’t want to automatically sign up people to newsletters without their consent, but we can most definitely post the link to our newsletters and / or website when the newsletter comes out to our LinkedIn group – who knows when someone may find your article helpful, and choose to sign up to your newsletter willingly. Again, a wonderful member’s only benefit.

I haven’t really blogged before, but I know many people out there do. Want to blog on our website, and reach your members? Definitely an option for any of our members who choose to, and I most certainly encourage you to do so.

This newsletter has made me stop and re-visit my own profile on the WBN network. I put it up many months ago quoting my credentials, education and experience, but didn’t be specific as to what I do, what services I provide, and who should reach out to me. I’ve changed that. Since our move to the new website, have you updated your profile? Added your logo? Added a picture? In years’ past you were limited to a paper directory and 140 characters to describe yourself, now it is unlimited – have you taken advantage? Personally I added more content – but was it good content? Looking back, not really, but I am working to improve that – and i hope you do too. I often go to our website and check out member’s when I am looking for a particular service – will I find you?

Its been an exciting year, and I have certainly enjoyed the many people I have met this year, and my plans for the future are to ensure that as I meet more of our WBN members, and know that I will walk away knowing more than their name, and where they work – but more importantly what they are looking for and how they perform their service.

Looking forward to many more days of summer, and hoping you enjoy it as well.

Rosa Maria Iuliano



Rosa Maria Iuliano
2011-2012 President